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EOTech 512

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Hey all. I just got on EOTech 512. Its a xmas gift from my wife (can't have it till xmas :'( ) and I just checked it out. The reticle is grainy/blurry. When I focus on the target it clears up mostly. I did some reading on hear and the net and it seems to be normal. Might take some getting use to. Otherwise a great sight, everything I expected it to be and more. Move your head all around and the reticle stays on target. Looks like its floating out there. Very nice. But anywho

So to all of you with EOTech's...Is this blurryness/grainyness normal???
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you need to adjust the brightness so that is correct for the ambient lighting

IE if you are in a dark room and the brightness is all the way up it will look grainy and blurry so adjust the brightness levels accordingly.

best of luck and enjoy
Its normal ruger.  I had written the eotech off when I first looked through a fellow shooters because of the blurryness.  Decided to give it a whirl again a few months ago after getting tired of my aimpoint clone and fell in love.  Its not much to look at but when shooting it just plain works.  Completely happy with my setup now.  
I've spent some time tonight looking though it again (till my wife took it from me lol) The dot in the middle is crisp its the 65moa ring thats a little blurry but I see what you guys mean. Adjust the light and look at the target not the reticle. Just the oppisite of what is normal for me, but I love it. Can't wait to mount it.
Nice optic. As mentioned focus on the target and be sure to turn the brightness down to match the light conditions. You will grow to love then, I know I do. I prefer them to my Aimpoints.
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