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Entertainmant - Illinois style

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I'm having trouble coming up with a preamble to this story. It just makes me shake my head and wonder what people are thinking.


Tuesday, Jul 6, 2010 Posted on Tue, Jul. 06, 2010
Alton mob shoots fireworks at police, firefighters

The Associated Press

An unruly mob lured emergency personnel to a housing complex near St. Louis with reports of a blaze, a shooting and other crimes, then attacked them with fireworks and bottle rockets, authorities said.

No one was injured in the onslaughts against firefighters and police in Alton on Sunday night and early Monday.

The attackers apparently intended the assaults as entertainment for a hundreds-strong crowd of adults and children who had gathered at the Oakwood Housing Complex to watch, said Mark Harris, a deputy fire chief who witnessed the attacks.

"Our firefighters got in there and started doing their thing, and out come the fireworks" including bottle rockets and Roman candles, Harris said. "It does appear we were lured in for that purpose."

There was no immediate word on any arrests or charges in the attacks.

Police Chief David Hayes told The Telegraph of Alton that the firefighters were first attacked when they responded to reports of a Dumpster fire in the small city about 10:20 p.m. Sunday.

Separately, police officers were showered with bottle rockets fired from behind buildings at the same housing complex when they investigated a call falsely claiming someone had been shot and reports of fireworks being set off.

Firecrackers, bottle rockets and other fireworks are outlawed in Illinois.

Police officers and firefighters were attacked again when they returned to the neighborhood to douse a blazing box early Monday.

Hayes said officers tried to control the assailants by using guns firing pepper balls. He said the assaults had turned his stomach.

"I'm so angry," Hayes told the newspaper. "This type of conduct is not supposed to happen in civil society."

Hayes did not immediately return calls by The Associated Press seeking comment.

Harris said the organized nature of the attacks - and its apparent entertainment value - was a particular concern.

"Helluva example for the kids," he said, adding, "the guys don't get paid near enough to be shot at."

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