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DuraCoat and sandblasting

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I'm in the process of Tacticooling two rifles! I'm rebuilding a 10/22 and an SKS that I've bought from LIF members! I am going to DuraCoat them both! I was wondering do I need to sandblast for the finish to look good? If I do, where can I take them to be blasted???? HELP...PLEASE....
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Depends on the finish, IIRC. I *think* you'd be GTG just scuffing with 400.

What's it say on the can?
I glass bead all my guns when i paint them.  I find the finish to look better.  Where to have it done?  A friend with a cabinet....or buy one.
Depends on the finish. I know Duracoat does not recommend bead blasting parkerized finishes. Are these blued?
Yes they are both blued.
Did you consider parkerizing them?
You are welcome to use my glass beadingh cabinet if we can coord schedules, a red Scotch-Brite wheel chucked into a drill will suffice also. then CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN with TSP substitute or Acetone or Lacquer thinner.
Thanks Captain, that's very generous!  I think I'll try the scotch brite wheel and see how that goes first! If I can't figure that out, I'll drop you a line for cabinet usage! Thanks everyone for your input.
You wont even need to scuff it. Just make sure theres NO oil on anything
any one try GunKote ? I here this stuff can be shot over the original

finished any truth to that statement.???
Like to here the pro or cons on GunKote
Can't speak for GunKote, but I know that Duracoat adheres excellently to parkerized finishes.
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