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Drunk Off-duty cop shoots police car

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A Dallas police officer who fired her gun into the floor of a police car while drunk faces a charge that carries up to a year in jail. Assistant Police Chief Charlie Cato says officer Kelly Beemer was off-duty when she got drunk at a bar. Two on-duty Dallas police officers showed up to take Beemer home, and that's when she became belligerent. About fifteen minutes into the ride, Beemer pulled her gun from an ankle holster and shot a hole in the floor of the car. Her friends are on restricted duty while their decisions are investigated. Beemer is on administrative leave and charged with discharging her firearm

Dash cam video posted here---->
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I am sure they would have done the same for anyone else.
I bet if her off-duty carry weapon had been microstamped she'd have thought twice about blowing a hole in the floor of the squad car...
Were they going to hit it? And she fought back? :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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