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A bit dated, but still............

UPDATE 5/13/10 @ 11pm
WESTWOOD, Ky. (WSAZ) -- Two men picked the wrong house to try to rob Wednesday night.

Armed with baseball bats and a toy gun, the two were no match for a man who got medieval while defending his home.

Grant Lambert normally uses his machete for yard work, but Wednesday night at his home in Westwood, he proved it can be an effective makeshift weapon too.

Lambert's daughter and girlfriend were in the living room when robbers broke in the front door.

"It's the scariest thing that's ever happened to me," Lambert's girlfriend Jackie Cook said. "We were watching TV, and the door just busted in. My heart just fell. Two guys busted in with masks on. I knew we was all gonna be dead."

Lambert heard the commotion from his bedroom and went to see what was going on. It didn't take long for the bad guys to find out they'd messed with the wrong guy.

"I keep some knives around the house just in case," he said. "I pulled the machete, told them to get out of my home. They came up to attack me. I thought they were real guns, I started whacking them, whacking them."

The thieves managed to get away with more than a hundred of Lambert's dollars and his machete before escaping his home, but not without paying a serious price.

"His head was busted open so bad he had to go to the doctor or he would have bled out wherever he was and died," Lambert said.

"He defended himself well," Boyd County Sheriff Terry Keelin said. "They got away with money of his, but they paid dearly for it. It would be doubtful that anyone would want to try to rob that victim again."

"We love him to death," Cook said. "If not for him I don't know what would have happened to us."

Lambert hopes his actions serve as a warning to other potential criminals.

"People who are gonna be doing this type of stuff, they should at least wait til the home owner's gone," he said. "You might get the one who has the gun, cause the machete, yeah, they're messed up. If I'd had a pistol or shotgun I'd have cut them in half. They give you no choice."

Lambert says he has worked in security and as a bouncer and spent some time in the military that he says helped him through this confrontation.

"I felt like I was fighting for my survival, fighting for my life," Lambert said. "They weren't invited in here. They made a choice. They made a bad choice."

The suspects were identified at the hospital as Chris and Randall Artrip.

When they get out of the hospital, deputies will charge them with attempted armed robbery.

Amy Sturgill, who police say was driving the getaway car, will also be charged.
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