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At the range with a couple three of my Smiths (39, 908 and Model 59) shooting a combination of Remington factory loaded 115gr and my own 115gr and 124 gr. plateds over the appropriate amount of Titegroip.

Everything's going fine, I'm in the groove at 5, 10 and 15 yds., and having a nice afternoon when the M 59 stops chambering rounds. They'd ride up over the feed ramp and wouldn't seat, I racked the slide, tried another round and the same thing.

I check the chamber and the feed ramp is dirty. Not horridly so, but not sparkling bright. So, rather than fiddling with it on the line and not knowing what was wrong, I put it back in the range bag and moved back to the other two guns.

Home, I field strip and clean the ramp and then go to clean the bore. When I look up the barrel, I can't see daylight. I'm puzzled. Look down the barrel and there's a nice shiny plated bullet end just inside the chamber....stuck.

Couple of taps with a dowel and hammer and out pops a very nice, pristine looking 124 gr. Berry plated LRN bullet.

Hokey smokes, Bullwinkle.

Tragedy avoided as it was stuck far enough back so I couldn't chamber another round...but WTF?

I never heard a squib sound just a normal bang and recoil; the brass ejected; but the bullet clearly didn't come out the hole in the end of the gun. As I'd shot a bunch into the target I just figured I'd doubled up on some previous hits.

I can only assume that I somehow missed the right weight of Titegroup in that bullet, but I'm pretty careful...but I can come up with no other explanation.

Don't like to think what would have happened had the bullet jammed half-way up the barrel. If I was paranoid about my reloading before....I'll be off the charts next reloading session.

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Loaded too long and getting stuck in the rifling?
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Bullet stuck just inside chamber is either a catridge with no powder in it, just the pressure from the primer going off wedges the bullet just into the rifling. (happened 3 times to me when my powder measure on my progressive press was getting stuck and not dispensing powder). The good thing with this is that the bullet is not far enough into the barrel to allow you to load another round behind it. Or the round is loaded too long, and the bullet is being wedged into the rifling when chambering. Then getting pulled out of the case when you unload the gun. Of course you would then have loose powder all over the chamber, and a case with no bullet head being unloaded from the gun.
Most likely the first scenario, no powder in shell. And yes, my slide would cycle just from the force of the primer. Remember the bullet really isn't going down the barrel, so all the force of the primer is contained to the space within the case, and not the barrel too. So it does move the slide back, and you'll hear some type of bang. And it's also why the feed ramp is so dirty(sooty). Go ahead and test it. Load a cartridge as normal but with no powder. Fire it and see what happens. You'll be somewhat suprised. In this case, no powder is better than too little. It doesn't push the bullet down the barrel enough to allow the chambering of another round behind it.

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