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DIY Europeand Skull Mount

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Not quite done yet so I'll update as i go along .

Skulls skinned, boiled and cleaned
Peroxide applied
My sons is ready to mount ,mine is still whitening
Plaques stained
Brass engraving plates ordered

Total investment so far
Plaques 2x$12
Plates 2x$5
Peroxide $6
total $40
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Wow. How about a how to on this? Looks awesome.
nyguns said:
Wow. How about a how to on this? Looks awesome.
This is a pretty good slide show of the process:
Pretty simple process

1.Skin the head
2. Boil for 4 hrs , after the second hour you can remove the head and pull off loose meat, after 3rd hour the bottom jaw and tongue should fall off.
3. After 4th hour any meat and cartlidge left should pull off . I used a piece of wire and the garden hose to clean the brains and nasal cavity out.
DO NOT discard the water until you are sure no bones fell off. The 2 bones on the front of the nose are not connected and come off . These can be super glued on at the end.

This DOES NOT smell bad ! It smells like you are cooking roast beef !!

5. Wash the skull in dishwashing detergent to remove oils. Let Dry (doesnt have to be totaly dry)



5. Apply the 40 Cream developer with a brush ( This is Hydrogen peroxide and WILL BURN YOU !!!!!) you can buy this at any beauty shop for $4


6. Let it sit for 12 or more hours then carefully rinse all the developer off and let dry .

I will put up picks of how to attach to the plaque as I do it .
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What's the propane pot contraption you have there?
Its just a big Turkey frying pot and burner. They sell them at Dicks and just about everywhere else . I think you can get one for around $40 .
I cant live without mine, Lobsters, crabs , turkeys , and now deer skulls !! :)
sweet, you just may have inspired me to do my own!
phumb said:
sweet, you just may have inspired me to do my own!
Cool , the DIY Forum is great . I certainly didnt invent this technique but sometimes all you need is to see someone else try to get you going.
Not only do you get your trophy but the trophy is now a trophy....... Huh ??? You know what i mean . :)
Getting ready to attach to the plaques
Here are some pics of the attachment to the plaque.

Just drill a hole in the skull big enough for the spring wing mounting bracket and drill a hole in the plaque. Insert the screw in the plaque and then put on the wing thing. Insert into the skull and tighten til its secure . Add a wall hanging bracket to the back and your done .
Wow, deer are MUCH cuter with their face on. Cool process!
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