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Detroit man shoots home invader with SKS

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Good for the old man! The only mistake he made was loading only one bullet. If he had ten, he could have made it a trifecta.
He's a badass with a teddy bear. AWESOME.....
I bet he keeps more than 1 round loaded now...

Either way, good for him.
+1 For the good guys
Guns are the great equilizer, how else could a 75 year old man protect his wife and himself from harm.
If you are strong enought to squeze a trigger you are strong enough not to be a victim.
hopfully those scumbags will get the s**t scared out of them and never think of breaking into anyones house every again.
awesome...one shot one kill..serves them right.
And for those on this board that have said they're no commandos and wouldn't be effective in using their guns (or practicing) for a home invasion, this guy was 75 and faced three intruders. And he hardly thought of the scenario himself. Imagine if he was truly prepared and practiced! Besides the deterrent effect, armed HD tactics simply work.

"I'm not really a gun guy; I only shot that gun off once, when I bought it from my friend 10-15 years ago," said White, who retired from Redford Township industrial chemical manufacturer Detrex Chemicals in 1993. "I never had any idea I'd be using it for that purpose."

Plus he's straight pimping that hat! :p
Awesome story
There were a few thread here about detroit and how it's falling apart.

Good for him and may he have no further issues.
Good thing. He don't live in new hapshire.
So I thought about it, and I'm gonna have to get an SKS....
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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