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Detroit is a dead city

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But even Michigan is a "shall issue" state. Like the man says at the end of the video, "It's your right".
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Detroit Police Roll Out New 911 Policy: MyFoxDETROIT.com
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Heres another aspect

Detroit IS rough, been for years. My godfather lived there, had his share of stories.
They are bulldozing 1/4 of the abandoned buildings to clean things up, cut back on the fire hazard, and eradicate drug dens, all at once..

You really think that they are going to change any thing. The part that has me in aw is the fact that these guys will talk out that openly. You say boo in the City here and they fire you and you have to fight for your job back you will win but it takes 2 or 3 years and you may get some back pay but you are tax as if it was this year's pay so you get screwed again. Detroit is and will most likely remain a cesspool for another 15 years unless the mayor can get the governor to declare a state of emergency and put the city under lockdown for a mouth and use the guard as EMS worker and cops and fireman.

The one part that I do not agree with is. The calling the Fire department, the worst it management, not the firefighters and EMS workers.

I'll bet the city where the money is has excellent coverage and they use those numbers to get you 12 minute.
Detroit should start teaching free first aid courses to the public. Then free shooting lessons. This way you are able to protect, and triage yourself and others.
Yeah but where else can you buy a house for $7K?
Captain Will said:
Yeah but where else can you buy a house for $7K?
That's because all the copper pipes have been stolen for scrap. There's no hinges on the doors and half the roof is missing to provide firewood for the neighbors.
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