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Death penalty in Conn. Home Invasion !!

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A Different View for Steven Hayes Jurors
December 2, 2010 - 11:07 AM | by: Laura Ingle
Early this morning, before the sun rose, a handful of jurors who sat on the jury in the Steven Hayes case got in their vehicles and drove to the New Haven Superior Courthouse to hear Judge Jon Blue formally impose their sentence of death for the convicted killer.

Four jurors arrived with members of the public and media to stand in line to secure their spot in the public seating section for today's proceedings inside Courtroom 6A. They are all sitting together as they have done before, except this time, they are in the public seating area in the fourth row instead of the jury box.

Juror Paula Calzetta said, "Being here, is like putting a period on the end of a sentence. I think it's going to be a difficult day for everyone, and for those of us who understand what the Petits went through, and Steven's brother went through." When I asked penalty phase foreman Ian Cassell why he came today, he told me, "I don't know. I asked myself that question while driving here in the dark. I don't have to be here. Not sure what it is, but I came."

Many reporters circled the jurors to talk with them today, to get their perspective of what this has been like. This is the first time many journalists can speak directly to the jurors since the penalty phase ended. Cassell described the months-long ordeal. "The closest thing I can relate it to is like a plane crash and surviving." Juror Joel Zemke, who was the foreman of the guilt phase said, "We thought it was important. A lot of people wanted to be here. We all just felt like we were a part of something bigger."

Juror Herbert Gram added, "I am here to see this to completion.
Obviously we are not here to contribute, we are here to watch."

The victim impact statements are expected to include a videotaped message from the sister of Jennifer Hawke-Petit, Cynthia Hawke-Renn, who can't be here today. Portions of her statement have been reported ahead of time including a message that will be delivered directly to Hayes. She reportedly says, "I used to have trust and faith in humanity and you have taken that as well. I used to feel safe in my bed at night as did my children and you have destroyed that also."

Hayes will have the opportunity to speak if he chooses to or have a statement from him read on his behalf. There are mixed emotions on that in the courtroom today. Some have said there is nothing Hayes could say that would move them in any way.

Calzetta says she wants to hear from Hayes. "Yes. I'd like to hear something. Anything. It was very difficult to get a read on him. Just to hear his voice. You can tell a lot from someone's voice." Calzetta said looking over at Hayes during the two phases of his case and trying to get a read on him through his eyes, "was like looking into two black holes. I tried to get a feel for him, but he just had nothing."
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Now, if only we could apply the sentence in a timely manner !!

Thanks for the good news. Best news I have had today. Tell me, if this guy wasn't going to get the death penalty, then who would you ever give it to ?

Guys like that are a good reason to keep a shotgun in the house with Buck and Ball. ;)
Yep, should be done within less than 3 months in my opinion.
Drag it out appeals, money etc. However above all, the poor guys torments whos family was murdered.

Drop him like a sack of potatoes and put him in the dirt.
He should have been put down for the dirt nap, once he forced his way into that home. Before he started raping, beating, torturing, pillaging and burning their home.
I have to disagree and say that the Death Penalty is too easy of a way out. People like this should ROT in a cage 24 hours a day until they die lonely and alone.

If I were ever facing life in prison or the DP, I would choose the DP becasue it's an easy way out.

Just my personal feelings on the DP. BTW: I am for DP but I just think it's too easy of a payment for actions.
I say we send him to Hawaii for his last meal. Send him in six FedEx boxes - one for each limb and his head and torso.
Too bad they can't hold a raffle for who will push the button on the syringes.
I would buy 100 tickets just to start.
As soon as his death sentence is passed, they should take him outside and hang him from the nearest tree........job done. And no 'drop method' either, pull him up slow and watch the POS dance. I'll gladly provide the rope, even tie a noose......
SteveG said:
Too bad they can't hold a raffle for who will push the button on the syringes.
I would buy 100 tickets just to start.
Now, that's a surefire way to stimulate the economy !! ;)
Hayes' defense attorney stated the sentence was barbaric. I believe Hayes' act surpassed that level.
Hayes sez that he lives what he had done over and over with nightmares. Hopefully his pain will be over soon.
Why should the Connecticut taxpayers foot the bill for the next 30-40 years for an animal like Hayes?
Now the family will also live thru the trial of Hayes partner Joshua Komisarjevsky who goes on trial next year.
Stab him on the gut and leave him in the woods for animals to feast on.
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