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DC Shootings / Marine Corp Target

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Senior officials are worried that the person responsible for at least three military-related shootings near the nation's capital could target Sunday's Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, saying in an alert Friday morning that the recent shootings "are a cause for concern" and could be build-up to a Sunday attack.

Read more: http://liveshots.blogs.foxnews.com/2010/10/29/dod-alert-marine-marathon-could-be-target/?test=latestnews#ixzz13oa5KS1g
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God Speed.

However I have an idea. Let the Marines run with their service rifles. ;)
That'll turn the tables.
I think it's a stretch to think the shootings at the Marine Museum are a pre-curser to the marathon. But I also think understand the concept of "better safe than sorry".

Let's just hope that this guy/gal/group gets caught before someone actually gets hurt.
maybe they should see if Mr malvo had some friends.
NCIS says they think it's "someone who has a grudge against the institution of the USMC, but not towards the actual men and women who serve in the USMC", probably like an angry family member of a marine killed in Iraq or Afghanistan
My fiance ran the Marine Corps Marathon last year. I've spectated at many, many marathons, and let me tell you that the MCM has got to be the coolest.

Godspeed to all the runners, and I hope there are no problems.
who else. 80% muslim and the terrorists. in England they were trying to capture two uk snipers who returned from the deployment in afghanistan... Or 20% some mental health brain damanaged sickle would do that.
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