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Current SCPD-PLB ( 2023 ) Pistol Permit Questionnaire and Instructions

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This is the current form, being used, by SCPD-PLB, as of Feb 2023.
It is a terrible, amateur photocopy travesty…. But it is what they are handing out, in Yaphank.


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So, the old "Sportsman" license has been turned into a "Dwelling" license, with no option to carry to and from range.
It clearly says under the "dwelling" classification that it can be carried to and from a firing range. It is no different than the current 'Sportsman" restrictions.
It does not say you can "carry" to and from the range it says you can transport to and from the range...
Nothing has changed in regarding how the handgun can be transported to and from the range unless you can cite otherwise. In fact it was noted in the previous handbook you are to safeguard the handgun on your person. Please indicate and cite where anywhere states it is now NOT allowed to be carried on your person as it has been for decades in Suffolk County transporting to and from the range.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts