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Convicted felon goes off half cocked

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Play stupid games.
Win stupid prizes.
Includes the famous "the gun went off" quote!

A felon was jailed after he told police he shot himself in the genitals while preparing a gun for sale.

He told police he bought a gun on the street in Kansas and had planned to sell it in a convenience store parking lot near SE 44 and Shields Boulevard. On the way there, he pulled over to make sure the gun functioned properly.

The gun went off while he was in his car in a parking lot near SE 15 and Interstate 35. He panicked and drove himself to the hospital, he told police.

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Too bad he wasn't looking into the barrel to see if the bullet came out....
Too bad he won't be convicted. His evidence will never stand up in court.

Talk about a violation of the PENAL law.

I wonder if he was using Wadcutters.

I really love when these idiots shoot themselves in the gonads. I get to recycle the old tired jokes.
While I agree he got what he deserved....when will these idiots learn to keep their mouths shut?!?!?! Not very GANGSTA of them if they blab so much.
At least he shouldn't be able to reproduce any more...
Not a very quick thinking felon. The press totally would've bought that the gun lept in though the open car window and shot him in the dick on its own accord. The stories and op-ed pieces would've fueled community rallies and he would've gotten off in court. Then he would've ended up on CSPAN speaking as a victim in support of some gun bill that makes all guns big enough that they can't pull themselves through a car window.

...if it saves even one life...
I always love that "the gun went off"
The antis love that because its just another way to show how dangerous guns are no matter who has them.
When some ignorant anti says that to me I like to counter that my guns will "just go off" as much as my car "just starts and drives."
Hopeful he took his nuts off to help the Kansas gene pool get a little deeper.
If it keeps him from reproducing it is all good.
.................... just because he is / was a felon doesn't he can't legally posess a gun.

Some states have a 5 or 10 year period that has to pass before a person is allowed a firearm.

In a shall issue state a felon may be able to carry.

Unfortunately there is no grace period for stupidity.
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