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Conn. roadrage leads to shooting...

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21-Year-Old Man Killed in Bridgeport Road Rage Incident

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP/ 1010 WINS) -- Authorities say an angry driver in Connecticut followed a fellow motorist to his home, drove off and returned later with a friend, who was fatally shot when he approached the home.

Bridgeport police say 21-year-old Jeffrey Parlemon was shot in the lower extremities Sunday afternoon and died at a hospital.

Police say the two other men became involved in the road rage incident just before 4 p.m. One of them drove to a home, and the other followed.

Police say the second driver left and returned shortly with Parlemon, who went up to the house. Police say Parlemon was wearing a mask and the first driver shot him, thinking Parlemon had a gun.

Authorities didn't identify the shooter or the other driver.
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