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Here's one, it's not local, but it was started by our government, and run privately now.
It's a not for profit and it's goal is to bring shooting to the people of the USA, and has many youth programs funded by the sales.

Membership rules stipulate that all sales are for personal use only, not for resale, and they wont sell to resellers or stores.

They are given rifles by the government to sell.
Basically they inspect them, test fire, and grade them as they take them out of the storage creates they get them in.
On the sales website, under each rifle, you'll find what the grade means.


Home page..

The sales website....

They have a great forum in support of their sales - mostly for members to share, ask each other and so on.

e-store, for ammo and accessories, not rifles. Need to mail in forms for rifles.
But once your order gets to a certain point of processing (near it actually being filled) , it shows up under your e-store account.

You need to "qualify".
In the old days it meant you had to shoot matches, and show proof with a qualified club.

Today, it's a bit easier.
You still need to be a member of a qualified affiliated club and more, but it's not hard , find the info here....

For me, I joined the Garand Collector's Association for 25bucks for the year.
Faxed my form with my CC number to the GCA, and done.
THE GCA uploads their membership roster each Monday directly to the CMP.
It takes upwards to about 2wks for the CMP to verify your membership with the CGA, depending when you joined in the cycle of CGA updating , and CMP checking.

As I found out, a pistol lic, even an expired hunting lic will do, for proof of marksmanship participation.
(as I was told by CMP customer service later......)

Forms to fill out can be found here, along with ordering info.

They've gotten record number of orders and new applications come in since Obama came into office.
So delays and lead times are higher than ever, but incoming orders are slowing down, and lead times are just starting to see signs of getting better.

Customer service has been 1st rate helping people through the process, so I've heard, and experienced.
I sent "all" my paper work in, got my account set up, ordered ammo through the e-store no problem.
Thought I was set... so finally decided to order a Garand from them.
Then I sent in my order for a Garand, 4 wks later I got a call and email saying my paper work isn't in order to be eligible for a rifle.
I thought "What now!!!??"... I called them back. As understaffed as they were due to the record setting influx of applications and orders, I got a call back that day, and an email back.
I thought the GCA qualified for all the requirements of memberships, but no, just the club membership - still needed proof of marksmanship participation to order a rifle.
So as mentioned above they said a pistol lic, or hunting lic will do.
Emailed them a copy of my lic, and they immediately emailed me back and noted all was fine now.
That was all in May.

In August, I sent in an order for an M1Carbine, in 1.5wks I received an email confirming my order. So it seems things are getting better.
But they still have PILES of orders they are working to fill. I think they are on mid May orders as of now for ammo, and April orders for Garands. And for rifles, it's a matter of what comes out of the creates, as to when the order gets filled. So if you ordered an Springfield Service Grade Garand, and they just aren't finding them at that grade level, you'll have a longer wait. Once they find a jackpot of them, the orders flow out.
At times, they have run out, and will call to ask if you want something else , another brand they project to still have, another grade...... or just cancel. But overall they are very good with understanding the inventory and estimated quantities.

It seems my May order for ammo is coming up, there are threads on their forum where members will post that they received their order#### and date they ordered on.
As well as for their rifle orders.
So you can get an idea how lead times are doing.

Once "qualified" you can visit and buy from one of their two "stores" to hand pick out of what is on the rack. But it seems lately the better grades aren't on the racks. Ordering via mail, leaves you with luck of the draw within the grade you order. But if your's is well out of the grade you paid for, or you find a problem, their customer service has been 1st rate, and they have made good on problems, as witnessed real time on their forum.

No FFL needed, they can ship these rifles to your house, if your state allows ownership and you pass background check during your application processing.

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If your a member of the NYSRPA your eligible to buy ammo.  Man to think less then a year ago I got 1200 rounds for around 300 bucks and in a quick fashion too.  What is everyone going to do once they are dry on surplus ammo?  Seems like there is a huge demand with how many garands are out there.  

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Thanks Verg....

Figure with some of talk this past weekend about CMP, and how it works, I should post about it.
It's a good cause, and in support of our sport and 2nd amendment right.

Yea, lots of rumors going around about the surplus ammo market drying up.
CMP's COO has said publicly that they are having bidding wars like never before on the surplus ammo market, and they are loosing, and it's driving up prices on the ammo.

Federal just came out with a commercial round just for the Garand. The AE3006M1 .

Bensons is selling it for 28 bux / box of 20! What a rip.

I had seen some on gunbroker.com for 19/box , if you bought a case of 10 boxes.
I'm sure once all the brokers have it in stock, it'll be about 1bux/round.

Right now lake city m2 ball is going for 1/rnd
Greek stuff on auction is about .65/rnd
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