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C'mon. Who hasn't wanted to put one in the server?

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Not that I'm condoning anything even remotely like this, especially the drunken part, but who hasn't wanted to take out the server?

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Prosecutors say a drunken Utah mortgage company employee opened fire on the firm's computer server, then called police and told officers someone stole his .45-caliber weapon and shot the server.

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Another schmuck casting the rest of us in a bad light.
I shot the server, but I did not kill the  D.P.T....... :)
does salt lake require pistol licenses????
server??  I was thinking waiter.....  :p
LOL! I thought the thread title might be referring to a Hooters waitress
... I once took a cantankerous DELL, walked it out to the curb and tossed it in front of a semi on 110... god that felt good! - truck driver wasn't amused, but hey, I eliminated the problem (company didn't want to pop for a new desktop for the poor girl.)
wasn't there a post here of guys launching computers and shooting them like skeet
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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