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cleaning OLD optics

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Hey All,
Anyone have experience cleaning old optics?
I have a Weaver B4 scope mounted on my Marlin 81DL .22LR

The scope has a cloudy/foggy tan look through it. I have cleaned the outside.
Based on some reasrch it may need to be cleaned internally. I would like to get the sight picture cleaned.
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Some older optics have a tendency to grow fungus on the inside of the lenses. Taking scopes apart is not for the faint of heart, and often not cost effective to send them out for service, unless there is a lot of sentimental value tied to it.
A quick search on Ebay produced three or four scopes from $60-$100 range.
call there 800 and ask them if this is the address to send scopes to for cleaning I have done this with bushel and a few others they only charge me around $10 for a cleaning

Mail Address:
Onalaska Operations
N5549 County Trunk Z
Onalaska, WI 54650
Mad Russian said:
unless there is a lot of sentimental value tied to it.
This... I learned to shoot on this rifle and using this scope when I was around 10. It is a family heirloom type rifle.
I ultimitely am going to handing this rifle and scope down to my son as he becomes old enough.

@papabear, thx. I'll give them a buzz.
The problem with the fungus is it etches the glass...  cleaning it will help, but maybe not 100%..  But it will still be good for it's intended purpose - teaching the kid and passing it down.
oops - hit send too soon.... anyway, you CAN take it apart yourself, but it is very delicate work, as you don't want to scratch the glass OR the metal...

I've done it, you need to make or buy special tools to get the lockrings out, and things like the reticle are very delicate when in hand...

Bottom line is you're better off popping $50-80 to preserve it as an heirloom, or spend the same on a new scope.
Older Redfields and Weavers are not covered since the companies have been bought by Leupold and ATK.For the cost of the cleaning and shipping it may be best to buy a newer scope.
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