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Cheap scopes have you ever used?

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Anyone ever use cheap scopes like Bsa, Utg, Aim or Bushnell?   Have they been destroyed by hight power rifle recoil?  Or are they a good buy for the buck?
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BSA have been excellent for me on intermediate caliber arms. I've owned three of them, price range from $40 to $150... All impressed me for the $.
I'm a notorious cheapskate, and I have a couple of Bushnells Dawn to Dusk. One has lived on a .30-30, and a .30-06, and has survived them. Another cheapo scope is living very well on a .308.
Whatever scope you buy, make sure it has adjustable optics, so you can compensate for the parralax.
I started out with Bushnell scopes, and they used to be very good.  I haven't bought one in over 10 years so I can't comment on their quality now, but if I were in the market for an inexpensive scope, I would certainly look at a bushnell.
Nikon pro staff you can get them on sale sometimes as low as $129 they are just as good if not better than $500 scopes I own.
What level of high power are you asking? I have a BSA on a .308 long gun and it works great
I have a Bushnell 4 power on my 22 and a Bsa 4-26x40 on my mosin.  both seem to preform very well.   I was thinking about picking up a Utg  6-24x50  with illuminated  mil dot for my Psl was wondering if anybody ever used utg scopes?    They Kinda scare me that the make scopes for airsoft as well
My first gun which I bought around 6 years ago was a Remington 770 in a .270 which came with a cheap Bushnell scope.  Six years later and never being sighted I can still hit a balloon at around 200 yards, with basically the same hold. The scope is a Bushnell Sharpshooter 3-9X40mm.
I have a Bushnell Banner I bought for like $89. I put it on my Saiga but I have yet to actually dial it in. Dunno if I want to put it on my AR or go with a red dot.

As for magnification it's clean and clear. No complaints yet.
love the bushnell trophys and the bushnell trs-25 red dot which i put on my ar. stay away from truglo products. had two of um fail on me.
I have returned 3 or 4 BSA's, and at least one Barska in the last two years. Usually for not holding zero or reticles visibly rotating on everything from a .30-06 to a 9mm carbine. I have one BSA left on my 10/22 that has been there for two years, and can still hit a gnat's ass at 50yds. BSA's initially look good for the $, but my experience has not been favorable. I will not buy another.

My .223 Stevens 200 still has it's original Bushnell Sportsman, and has given me no grief.

The no-name Chinese scope that came on my DSG's Rem 700 wasn't good enough for a doorstop. Sent it back twice, and the third one never came out of the box. I put a <$100 Pentax from Sportsman's Guide on it, and it has put 9 rounds in a one inch square with cheap ammo.

The Tasco on my wife's 795 has also given me no grief, and stays spot on.

Personally, I am done with bottom of the barrel glass. My next scope will at least be a Nikon or one of those newer US made Redfields.
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I put a Barska 6x20 on a Mauser. The scope has taken a beating and still works very good.  I like the old Weaver K series scopes that were made in El Paso in the 50's to 70's You can find them for around $50-$100 Not as bright as a Nikon, But they look good on old military rifles,
Started out with a Tasco Pronghorn 2x7 on a slug gun. Lasted 14 rounds. Stepped up to a Simmons diamond slug scope and hundreds of rounds later she is clear and holds solid.
Best scope I have for the money: Bushnell Elite 3200 3x9. The differnce between junk and real instruments is at most $100. Why take the cheap route and always wonder when?
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