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Btw, I spoke with the Lt. who is the commander of SCPD PLB a few days ago. Pleasant enough conversation. I personally don't think he's an "enemy". Anyway, according to him, one of our options is to keep our Sportsman license almost exactly as is, NO training required, and 5 year renewals. The one major exception is no more stopping on the way to and from the range, because, well, everywhere is a restricted/sensitive place = Class E felony. He said you would have to lock your weapon in your car unloaded/secured lockbox etc. For now anyway. The training, 3 year renewals, social media crap, is all if you want to amend to full carry. I disagreed on principle of course, but for those content with their Sportsman, I thought that was good news.
The local licensing officials are stuck between knowing what the Bruen decision dictates and what the folks in Albany have say via S51001. Bruen invalidated proper cause and proper cause restrictions. It doesn’t take a law degree from Harvard to understand this. In fact other states have changed their laws in recognition of what the Bruen decision dictates.

The current state law is still based on proper cause restrictions. There should be no need to declare a proper cause for applying for a license. Some states reference proper cause as “for all lawful purposes” but even that is a statement of proper cause. I’m a law abiding citizen applying for a pistol license. That’s it.

The authorities have the means to do a criminal and mental background check. Applying for a license should be name, contact information, criminal and mental healbackground check, period. You’re exercising your fundamental individual Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. You do not have to give up your 1st, 4th and 5th Amendment rights to exercise your 2nd Amendment rights.

The Governor has her responsibilities backwards. Her primary responsibility is NOT to protect me from criminals on the street. First of all she can’t do it. Unless we want to turn NY into a police state with officers standing on every street corner. The police are a reactionary force. They can’t be everywhere at once. You are the first responder when it comes to your self-protection. The Governor’s primary responsibility is to protect your rights to protect yourself and your family. What she has done is put a stumbling block in the way of you doing that with these new laws that violate the Constitution.
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