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Casters for Harbor Freight 60 " Workbench

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Just some pics of how I added 3" Locking Swivel Casters to the Harbor Freight 60" Hardwood Workbench that is on sale this week.
See thread http://www.longislandfirearms.com/forum/m-1325522127.96395/

Tools: Tape Measure or ruler, Sharpie or pencil, Center Punch, Drill with 5/64" drill bit, #6x1" drywall screws (16 ea), Phillips Screwdriver, 3" Locking Swivel Casters - Harbor Freight Item# 65194 (4 ea)

Method: Mark off 1-1/8" from each end of workbench leg bottom, locate edge of Caster mounting plate at that mark, use center punch to mark drill holes at the location of each of the Caster mounting plate holes, drill 4 pilot holes with 5/64" drill bit - drilling only 1/2 the length of the screw to be used for mounting (Since i used 1" drywall screws, I only drilled 1/2" deep pilot holes), locate Casters over drilled pilot holes and attach with #6x1" drywall screws - tighten screws in an X pattern to ensure even pressure on the mounting plate.

Height of the Workbench without Caster is 33-7/8"
Height of Workbench after addition of Casters is 37-7/8"

One more tip: If you get this bench, you will have to drill some pilot holes (3 for each drawer) to secure the felt-lined drawer bottoms to the drawer backs, and also to secure the left and right drawer sides (2 for each side) to the bench top. Also, install the Vice Jaws to the Bench Top BEFORE adding the top drawer to that side of the bench to make installation of the vice screw and washer easier.
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Just a few pics of the assembled workbench....
Is that bench sturdy enough for a reloading press?
grifhunter said:
Is that bench sturdy enough for a reloading press?
From what i've seen in the reviews for this bench, reloading is exactly why some have bought it. I do all my gun maintenance and cleaning on this bench.
Looks great, except I don't like the casters fastened with those light duty screws.
Nice setup! I have been waiting for someone to buy this to get some feedback. How do you like it?
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