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Canadien Assualt Rifle?

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Gun smuggler says sorry to Canada

Herald News ServicesApril 22, 2010

An American has said sorry to all Canadians for trying to bring an assault rifle across the border in the trunk of his car last month.

David Collins, 38, of Ohio, was sentenced to 35 months in a federal prison for possessing and failing to declare a prohibited firearm -- a Hi-Point Model 995 (9-mm) semi-automatic carbine.

"I apologize to Canada, Windsor," said a contrite Collins as he stood before an Ontario Court judge Tuesday.

"My family back home has been stressing."

Collins tried to enter Windsor via the Detroit-Windsor tunnel in a black Honda sedan around 4:30 a.m. on March 27, telling the border officer that he and a passenger were going to the casino.

But the court heard that Collins seemed uneasy and avoided eye contact.

The vehicle was sent for secondary inspection, during which officers discovered the firearm in the trunk.

It was also equipped with a loaded 10-round magazine clip -- also prohibited.
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Do the crime, do the time- lucky for this guy he wasn't caught trying to smuggle a gun into Mexico, I'm sure the penalty woud have been far worse than three years in a canadian lockup.

Sorry for not pitying the fool, but this does not sound accidental. Not like the poor sap who had a box of ammo in his trunk (no gun) when he went to Mexico, and had just forgot to clean out his trunk. and then lost his FFL, business, etc.
Seems Shady. He broke the law (Canadian Law) he needs to do the time.
Gun Laws suck. That same hipoint is legal here (even in NY). He shouldn't have had a loaded magazine either.

Oh well. Makes us (legal, respectful gun owners) look bad though.
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