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Bushnell scope not holding zero?

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The Bushnell scope on my Savage Axis .308 is not holding zero. I have a laser boresight that I use to zero it in as close as I can get, but after one or two shots, I am far off the mark, requiring yet another zeroing. Example: I print my targets on 8.5"x11" paper, and sight the scope in at 30 yards, the first one or two shots hit the mark, but after that I pretty much need to aim off paper to hit it.

Am I doing something wrong?
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If you have checked that the rings and receiver mount are tight, then there is a good possibilty the scope is defective. Also, make sure the action is tight in the stock.

Was the scope part of a package? If so, it is probably a Banner series if you're lucky, or possibly a Sportsman series, which is the next step down. They are Bushnell's bottom end.

I had a scope that came in a package deal on a Rem 700. It was a Rem branded Chinese POS. The first one, 3-4 people couldn't zero. With a boresighter, you could see the reticle move side to side when zooming in or out. The second one, the reticle was tilted, out of the box. The replacement never came out of the box.

Moral of the story: don't expect miracles from cheap glass. Personally, I'm done with them. I got tired of swapping scopes over and over.
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Send it back to Bushnell.Any scope that holds zero properly stay on target unless dropped or the rings and base are loose.The Bushnell 3200,4200 are rated for heavy recoiling guns.
Did you check the scope mount/rings? A quality mount is just as important as the scope.

If the scope is solidly mounted, could be an issue with the scope itself.

Missing paper at 30 yards with a scope is not normal.

[email protected]

Contact Information
800-423-3537 Toll Free
913-752-3550 Fax
Bushnell Corporation
9200 Cody
Overland Park, KS 66214

Looks like even the Banner and Sportsman series have lifetime warranties.
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Thanks guys -- this was a package deal with the rifle, so it was pre-mounted. I will check the rings, but I am just guessing it's a low-end glass. It's a 3-9x40, couldn't pull up any model #. I am thinking it's the Sportsman series.

The package was for the Savage Axis XP.

And missing paper @ 30 yards IS definitely an issue, although I am no expert marksman, but come on... 30 yds?

I will get in touch with Bushnell today. Thanks everyone :)
I had a problem where my scope would go out after a few shots too. It turned out to be the rings were loosening up.
Thanks guys! I just picked up my scope from UPS and it WAS repaired.


Can anyone tell me what was wrong?
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