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Burglar Afraid of Homeowner

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This is a good Pro-2A argument. The burglar dials 911 because he just didn't know...

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This is a perfect example of how guns can actually prevent violent crime.  The Brady bunch loves to play with statistics to say very few home invaders are shot or a gun is more likely to injure a family member then a home invader.  This is why, a thief faced with a firearm generally has no desire to be injured them self and will usually surrender or flee.  Often the time the mere sight of a firearm is enough to stop a crime and the situation never escalates to firing a shot.  I'd be curious to see the numbers on firearms used to stop a crime without actually being fired vs firearms being fired to stop a crime.  I doubt any statistic for this exists though it would be a good argument for us.  Many of these crimes also go un reported.  If brandishing a firearm stopped a would be robber their are a lot of people who wouldn't bother reporting it. Their are also police departments whose chiefs and commissioners like to play games and make reports like that disapear to say they have less crime.
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Meet the new poster boy for gun ownership! ;D
:bath :whiteflag :eek:ops

They actually covered this on NEWS12 this morning.
"...He was booked for Criminal Trespass"... In NY, Trespass becomes Criminal Trespass when the intruder is armed... I guess their statutes are a bit different?

I never understand why these arrests don't get all the charges, Breaking and Entering, burglary, Oops, someone's home - ROBBERY, and yes of course the Trespass charges.

Had some friends in NC Burglarized a few weeks back - The wife was shaken, realizing that running is not an option (two young boys in the house) she tells the Husband it's time to get a gun... "Nah, I'm not looking to carry though" is where it started....

well, I sorted that he's gotten some training, they got a Glock a few days ago, and has been hitting the range.

...And he's applied for his carry license.
I wonder if here in NY....would the home owner get in trouble for scaring the bad guy?
there are some ridiculous comments under that story..   i suggest not reading unless your blood pressure needs to come up.  I'm amazed that some people have made it this far through life... Darwin doesn't work quick enough.
Wasn't he armed with a soap on a rope?
So he broke in to take a shower?
CJ said:
I wonder if here in NY....would the home owner get in trouble for scaring the bad guy?
You mean brandishing? Even if he was inside his own home. I wouldn't be surprised....
The 911 call

If he was in the shower, what was he armed with, an object of ridicule?
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