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was looking at possibly getting this scope after the holidays..

any opinions? 3 reviews doesnt give much but the price range is about what im looking to spend on something to shoot 100 or 200 yds with
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I'll give you an opinion, not sure what it's worth.
For that kind of money I'd stick with a low-end Nikon.
Also for 100-200 yards 24x is overkill. Go for a 3-9 or 4-12.
I'd guess 24x in a 40mm scope is going to be very, very dim. Unless you're going with super-high-end glass, which BSA won't have.
BSA are cheap but pretty decent quality... Just don't buy it expecting it to perform like a $500 Leopold.

I have the same series scope in 4-16x on a bolt action .223, so far it has been totally reliable and holds zero well (granted, .223 out of a 22" barrel recoils like a .22 short).

I agree with hawk though, 6-24x is some pretty serious magnification for 200 yards. Even my 16x is overkill imo.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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