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Boy Charged With Bringing Toy Gun on Bus

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Unreal.....A nerf gun as a weapon??!!! "Even though the gun was a toy, it is considered a weapon because it shoots soft plastic projectiles."

What's next a ban on pens & pencils??

Massachusetts Boy Charged With Bringing Toy Gun on Bus


Published May 14, 2011 | FoxNews.com

Police say a 9-year-old elementary school student from Palmer, Mass., will be summoned to juvenile court to face charges for bringing a toy handgun on the school bus, MyFoxBoston.com reports.

Chief Robert Frydryk says the school district has a "zero tolerance policy" regarding weapons. Even though the gun was a toy, it is considered a weapon because it shoots soft plastic projectiles.

The boy told police he forgot he had it in his jacket when he got on the bus on May 5.

Frydryk says there is no indication the elementary school student wanted to hurt anyone. The student's name was not made public.

Superintendent Gerald Fournier says that the school took appropriate action "based on the policies and procedures we have in place," MyFoxBoston reports.
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Just another reason to over haul the education department and the system as a whole.
So if he had CCN that would have made it alright?

I heard that Mass will not issue a even CCWP and has enacted a assault soaker ban now water pistol can hold more the 10 FL.OZ.
Will they be sending this boy to Guantanamo Bay for enhanced interrogation?
Appropriate action my behind. It's a plastic toy that shoots squishy foam, you couldn't even put your eye out with one if you tried.

When I was in middle school, I was suspended for one day, for seeing if what was basically a metal nail file could saw through my styrofoam lunch tray (it couldn't by the way). The principal told me it was a deadly weapon and could be used to puncture someone's neck... I prodeeced to tell him I could do that with a pen, a pencil, a scissor, a broken ring from a binder, snap a ruler in half and use that, a compass, a paperclip, a razor blade from the Tech class, I could beat someone with my 30lb backpack, strangle them with my belt or shoe lace... He wasn't too happy, because I completely negated his argument.
Anti's lack one thing. Common sense
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