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Bought Nikon Scopes = Very Happy

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So I bought the Nikon M223 (M-223 2-8x32 BDC 600) after seeing the promo add in a thread here. I have to say I am so impressed that I may be giving up red dots (aimpoint) and going with only scopes. I was so impressed in-fact that I went out to Dicks and bought the ProStaff that I saw in another thread here, for another AR I have.

Below are the pictures of my second group (20rnds) from 25yrds and third (10rnds) from 50yrds. The M223 comes with the mount which I received last Thursday (Thanks Mike & Anthony) and looks great on my 16" AR with rifle length forearm. This thing was dead on out of box for a 25yrd sight in. I really had nothing to do except for minor adjustments. The turret system which returns to zero is so easy. It has a quick focus eyepiece so that when the eye relief changes over powers you can focus quickly without changing eye position. The zoom is super easy also and this all mounts to the M223 mount which is specifically designed for it.

I bought the BDC600 version and am very impressed with this scope. If anyone is deciding on an optic for an AR right now, I would urge you to look at this. Do a search on youtube and you'll get a good feel for it.


So then, I bought the ProStaff $99 yesterday at the Dicks in Melville just because I fell in love with shooting through a scope the other day (first time shooting through a scope). I got the nikoplex reticle for the ProStaff but I may take it back for the BDC version because it does all of the work for you.

All in all, I could be done with red dots for a while. I know they have their place but its just so much fun shooting through the scope for distance. I have a magnifier for my aimpoint but it's not the same. My rifle shooting has been evolving over the last couple of years and now I'm more interested in shooting accuracy over a distance. The M223 has everything that I need to take that type of shooting to the next level.

Nikon M223 Promo: http://www.nikonpromo.com/
Nikon M223 Thread about promo: http://www.longislandfirearms.com/forum/m-1301704965.91727/s-8/highlight-m223/#num8

Nikon ProStaff Thread: http://www.longislandfirearms.com/forum/m-1304278790.12559/s-14/highlight-nikon/#num14
Nikon ProStaff Promo: http://dickssportinggoods.shoplocal...7&pagenumber=3&rapid=1173552&prvid=DSG-110522
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Hey lets see it mounted on your AR.
NESROK said:
Hey lets see it mounted on your AR.
Yea I forgot to take that picture. Will do tonight, and I'll update this thread. It looks great though. I took both of my magpul (front & rear) BUIS off because I am going to dedicate this AR to shooting for distance.

BTW: The M223 is calibrated specifically for the 55gr 223 cartridge.
Very nice! I had the chance to try them out for the first timer a few years ago, I was totally new to AR's, now I am hooked.
The Nikon M-223 series of scopes does the trick for me. My son and I have a ball shooting the M-223 1-4 Point Blank Reticle
on both AR's and 22LR semi-autos! I even put a M-223 3-12 Rapid Action Turret on my Savage .223 Bolt action rifle. This rifle used to sit in the back
of my safe since I just couldn't seem to dial it in past 300 yards. Now, I have gone 5:5 on a 10 in. 600 yard metal gong as well as hitting a 4 inch jar of
tannerite. Let me also tell you that I am not an excellent shot, with Nikon's help these M-223 series scopes make me look good!

You couldn't be more correct. It just makes shooting an AR with a scope so much fun and takes allot of the work out of it. One of the big reasons I hadn't made the jump to scopes previously is because for the $ I didn't think I was ready to jump into a scope that didn't do all of the stuff that the M223 now does for you.

What I'm trying to say is that, I wasn't ready to take on learning formulas and understanding the ballistics to shoot accurately from different distances and to do all of that while spending a big chunk of $, just to figure out what I did and didn't like about a specific scope.

The M223 BDC takes all of that out of the equation and just lets you learn how to shoot properly through a scope without worrying about all of the other stuff. I would highly recommend the BDC versions as they allow you to adjust on the fly and acquire a target quickly without making any adjustments.

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Glock you are right on with your assessment of the M-223 line of scopes. I have a BDC reticle on my deer rifle and my sons. It was amazing watching him 2 years ago take his first deer.
We had shot 22's with BDC scopes on them so that he was familiar with making adjustments using the BDC circles. I ranged a deer 323 yards and was going to remind him to use the second circle when as soon as I said 323 it was boom and deer down! Practice pays off!
Here's a pic practicing at a friends range.

I have that scope as well. It is excellent for an AR.
BDC's do most of the work for you- as you know it will not compensate for wind. I have and have used BDC's but if you use anything other than the bullet it was designed for.. not so good if you like to play around with stuff. Namely, if you like to hunt prarie dogs one day, cyotes the next, and some large game the day after, the BDC's become useless. Im not saying their not useful, just realize the limitations.

You can of course, just dial in for the other ammo and not use the BDC- but then you go back to the old system, and without mildot/some other sighting system you'd be back to the same thing - a good old fashioned cross.

While nikon makes quality optics, Barska has a multi BDC in 223, allowing the use of 50, 55 and 62 grain bullet tips. I havent used them so I dunno.

Also, Eotechs with the BDC, are calibrated for 62 grain m855's out of a 14.5" barrel.
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Go to Nikon's site, click on the "Spot On" link in the upper right, and sign in. It gives you access to their BDC Calculator.

Glocklife, you really peaked my interest on one of these bad boys.  I might have to pick one up soon.
vmtcmt said:
Go to Nikon's site, click on the "Spot On" link in the upper right, and sign in. It gives you access to their BDC Calculator.

I don't know if your replying to me particularly..
I know how to do BDC. Its douable by hand (I've done it a few thousand times), but a simple dollar store calculator makes life 100x easier. Your just married to your ammo source.

Here's something to chew on:

I've looked at the nikon and it is a quality scope- but any BDC type reticles do not allow you to dial into your own batch of ammo- Great for general purpose, not great for long range accuracy. If your infantry, 600yd shots are really beyond the shot of standard xm193's (55gr) and at the limits of 62gr, IMHO.

at 600 YDS, the difference between the xm193 and the m855 is -113.1 -88.2 respectively (bullet drop m16/a1/a2). Thats significant, thats over 2 feet of difference in drop. If you use the holdover dot of one calibrated to 55 gr, you will fly way over your target. On the flip side, using one calibrated for 62 grain will make you hit the ground way before hand.

Also keep in mind that while its handy, ammo changes from batch to batch. You can dial in POI for the batch, but you really should be sticking to the calibrated bullet.

Note: Most hunting/recreational BDC's are for 50-55gr out of a 20" barrel, with 1 in 9 twists or higher; most Tactical/LEO/Military ones are for 62 gr M855's. and are 1/9 or lower (most commonly 1/7)

Its good, its handy for a snap shoot, but id only be using it if its the one rifle I had for all situations (aka, military). Otherwise I'd take a dedicated rig for that specific operation.

That applies to eotechs as well as acogs that utilize a BDC system. This is why precision long range rifles do not use a BDC and use a mil dot, and refer to a bullet drop chart

something like this:

You can do your own charts, it takes some time, but I've done one myself. It was actually a lot of fun.
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(mil dot isnt the *only* way) there are others, Just thought Id throw it out there. If you are interested, you should see the evolution of long range optics for different countries.
Was about to buy the 3-12x but i decided to do the leupold mark ar 6-18...Nice scope though good luck with it.
As promised.
Nice looking shooters!!
how much did you spend / where did you get the M223? I have a prostaff now on my AR and was thinking of getting the m223
Ihave 2nikon monarks 3to12 and a 21/2 to 10 they are great scopes i was thinking of taking my
red dot off also and going with the m 223 also :) anyone interested in an eotec
I just purchased a Nikon M223 and was wondering if the large top sticker is removable.
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