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At least another Ford Bronco wasn't involved. They must be involved in spreading Christmas cheer in the US.

Border Patrol seizes $13 million in marijuana
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December 16, 2010 10:22 PM
The Monitor
Nearly $12.5 million worth of marijuana was seized by U.S. Border Patrol agents over a six-day span that began last Friday and ended Wednesday, according to a news release sent by the agency.

Agents confiscated nearly eight tons of marijuana in multiple, unrelated incidents throughout the Rio Grande Valley, the release said.

The largest single seizure occurred Tuesday evening when an agent working in La Casita saw several people loading bundles of marijuana into a pickup truck, agents said. Once loaded, the truck headed north away from the Rio Grande and the agent had to use a controlled tire deflation device to stop the vehicle, which carried more than 1,300 pounds of pot.

A Texas Department of Public Safety helicopter was called in to help find the driver, who bailed after the vehicle came to a stop, agents said.

The narcotics were turned over to the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area task force for further investigation, the release said.

Another noteworthy seizure occurred Wednesday near Sullivan City when agents assigned to the Rio Grande City station attempted to pull over a Chevy Blazer they saw driving away from the river, agents said. As the agents pulled up behind the vehicle, the driver abruptly swerved to the side of the road, jumped out and fled into the nearby brush.

Agents found about 550 pounds of pot inside the vehicle.

A helicopter from Customs and Border Protection's Office of Air and Marine responded to the area to assist agents in locating the driver, the release said.

The drugs were turned over to the Drug Enforcement Administration, the release states. It does not indicate whether the drivers were caught in either seizure.

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The amount of drugs coming over the Border right now is 4X the normal tidal wave that is the normal course of business. Demand goes up around the Holidays, think New Year's Eve and X Mas parties, time off from work, etc. As time goes by without meaningful Federal intervention, the Cartels are becoming more brazen.

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Yeah...The Seagrams cartel sends hundreds of truckloads of the stuff over the northern border this time of year.

But that gets taxed. So it is OK.

Legalize it and tax it.

But if you legalized it we could grow 900 gallons of diesel fuel on an acre of land using no petro chemical fertilizers and weed killers. And we would be energy independent. And we wouldn't have to fight wars to protect our supply lines. And we could tell all the nutjobs who are sitting on a pool of oil to go screw themselves.

But that would make too much sense.
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