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Bolt Holder Block

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Got sick of my bolts taking up a shelf in the safe, soooo I got an oak plank, cut and laminated it, drilled a few holes, slapped some Tung oil on it and presto...

The back row needs to be drilled out a bit deeper, that's why it's not finished.
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I just bought my first bolt action rifle, (have not received it yet) why do you store your bolts removed from the rifle?

Thanks in advance - Patrick
The bolt removes easily and is the safest way to store a bolt action rifle.
zxracer3 said:
I usually store mine in the gun :p
Same here.. What advantages/reason is there to storing the bolt separate, other than is you pass a oil patch though every month in storage..
That would be impractical for someone who had as many bolt actions as i did. I just kept them in the rifle.
Neither here or there how you store your bolts, I like the block of wood, nice job.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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