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Binoculars for Range

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Just like the title says.  I'm looking for some help on picking out a set of binoculars for the range.  I only really  shoot out to 100 yards so anything that would get me to see the target clear enough at that distance would be fine.  I don't need the clearest lenses in the world just something clear enough to see where the shots landed.  Cost is a big factor.  Trying to keep the budget under $75.
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Binoculars are a waste for the range. You can get a spotting scope for that money. It won't be the best, but its better for the range. Alternately you can always mount a spare scope on a tripod.
get a spotting scope with a tripod you will fine it a lot easy
you can get them at any gun shop or dicks and sportauthority
Thanks guys.  Any recommendations for cheap spotting scope?
Just got this for my GF she shoots .22 at 100 yards was elivered the other day looks great

BK-SS-AD10786 Barska 8-24x58mm Bench Mark DFS Waterproof Spotting Scope AD10786

got it from opticsplanet.com
I have a Bushnell got it about 10 years ago picked up a tripod from a garage sale for $5 and still works excellent I use it at 50 and 100 yards
Try Optics Planet, they have a variety of scopes, got my NcStar from there. http://www.opticsplanet.com/
I am looking for something reasonable as well for 100-200yds... any suggestions for magnification at that distance? Obviously I dont need a top of the line spotting scope, but I would like to find something that is reliable and affordable (giving out x-mas ideas now hehe)
Lee442 said:
Try Optics Planet, they have a variety of scopes, got my NcStar from there. http://www.opticsplanet.com/
Excellent site...bought my spotting scope there and some holsters too.
TTSkipper said:
Quality of their products seems to be hit or miss
Decided on the Barska that DoctorPC had recommended.  Cheapest scope with the best reviews.  Also I found a 5% off total order coupon (Coupon code = opiv5of)
My suggestion would be to forget the spotting scope because the cheap ones are garbage. Get yourself a pair of Canon 10x30 IS (image stabilized) binoculars that work FANTASTIC and will eliminate all shaking while viewing with a built-in gyroscope. The BIG advantage to the Binoc's is that they are go anywhere - good for any sport - not just shooting. Had a set for 10 + years now and I have sold my set of Zeiss, Minolta's, and Nikon's. IMHO these IS Binoc's are the NUTZ!!
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