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BigAlsgunshows, triple murder suicide

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This is the family that runs BigAlsgunshows, Silver Bullet. :-/

A New City woman living in Florida was killed Tuesday, the victim of an apparent triple murder-suicide.

Mara S. Shuman, 50, was living with Michael Howard Schriebman, 53, at 1407 Ironworks Lane, Tarpon Springs, Fla., when Schriebman's 21-year-old nephew, Louis Emile Schriebman, broke into the home and shot his uncle to death, police said.

Louis Schriebman is then believed to have turned his gun on his 75-year-old grandmother, Sarah Bricker Schriebman, shooting her twice in the head, before shooting Shuman, who had been hiding in a closet in the master bedroom, twice in the chest and once in the head.

After killing the victims, Louis Schriebman is believed to have killed himself with a single gunshot to the head.

The incident appears to have begun at Michael Schriebman's ammunitions store, the Silver Bullet Gun shop, when a man matching Louis Schriebman's description was seen running from a fire that had been set in the building about 1:30 a.m.

Eight minutes later, a residential alarm went off at Michael Schriebman's home, about two miles from the gun shop.

When police arrived at the home, Louis Schriebman's body could be seen from the front door.

He was sitting lifeless on a couch with the gun still in his lap, police said.

Three handguns are believed to have been used in the killings - a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum and a 45-caliber Glock are thought to be the weapons used to commit the killings.

Louis Schriebman is believed to have used the third gun, a 38-caliber Ruger, to kill himself.

The police investigation was continuing Wednesday.

Shuman was well-known in the New City community.

Her two sons, now grown, attended Clarkstown North and, as children, were active in various sports throughout the county, including hockey and baseball.

Marc Shuman, 52, Mara Shuman's estranged husband, could not be reached Wednesday for comment.

A neighbor at his home on Cranford Drive in New City did not wish to comment on Mara Shuman's death but did say that Marc Shuman had flown to Florida to deal with the situation.

Dana Jeby Bernstein, Mara Shuman's sister, was reached Wednesday by telephone, but she was too upset to comment.

Police on Wednesday had not yet determined what may have driven Louis Schriebman to commit such violent acts.

Michael Schriebman had been shot twice in the back, twice in the chest and once in the head.

An arrest affidavit released by police says that Louis Schriebman was arrested Saturday by officers with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

He was found to be carrying a concealed handgun without a permit and in possession of 14.5 grams of marijuana, a bottle of prescription muscle relaxers and six morphine pills.

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What a sad story.
speechless :B
My God, what a tragedy. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
perimedik said:
What a sad story.
speechless :B
Addicts and lowlifes-get them out of your life before they get you.
What a sorry state of affairs.
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