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best scope $300-$400 range?

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need help
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What are you putting it on and what are you using it for?
tikka t3 varmint...targets 200 400 yrds
just missed a nice sale on Aimpoints @ MidwayUsa.com here is a link for the compc3 's they were about $80 cheaper a little while ago - http://www.midwayusa.com/Search/Default.aspx#Price desc

I am a aimpoint guy, not a big eotech guy (furry sights) dont buy a clone because it looks the same, as a close friend one told me "we dont put toys on guns" and make sure that where you buy from is legit.
sent you the members only link (benefits of being purple)
That is tough.   Usually, you would consider a 4-8 power on the low side magnification to 12-25 max magnification.   That being said, a scope with an AO in the 6-18 power range with good glass is pricey.    Your best bet might be in a Bushnell Elite.  They put a lot of quality into their scopes for the price and back it with a great warranty.    I think you might have to up your budget a bit though.
thx sig..much appriciated
john c.. just want a a very good scope without being as expensive as the rifle
john c.. just want a a very good scope without being as expensive as the rifle
That is the problem with this hobby! Often a scope can cost 2x the price of the rifle or more.

Look at some Bushnell Elite 3200 or 4200 models. They are a good bang for the buck. I have one on my tack driving Savage and love it.
Can I interest you in a konus 3-12 x 50 mm? I don't know about 400 yards but for $85 box I can set you up with one.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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