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Lottery list you say?

m107a1 (scope unknown, but with bors)
house in pa
dillon aero m134 (pre '86) (although I'd settle for an m2)
someone else paying for ammo

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Hey Ghost. Im not a long range shooter so can you help me figure out the difference between the two? Thanx NES.

Mr. ¼ MOA
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NESROK said:
Hey Ghost. Im not a long range shooter so can you help me figure out the difference between the two? Thanx NES.
Sorry NES, I missed your question.

I haven't had a chance to play with either rifle. I wasn't
a fan of the MRAD because it reminded me too much of
an AR and other Barrett designs. It's upper and lower
disassemble from each other very much like an AR. Not
that it's bad, I just think for $6,000 I should get something
that is more original, innovation from scratch. The Sako
TRG M10 is a new generation of sniper weapons, fresh,
new and very well thought out.

Both barrels are stainless steel Mil-B 11595E. Although
not specified, a barrel application like this would usually
mean that they're both Chrome Moly Vanadium with Nitrate
Treatment. Stainless is preferred for better accuracy and
field durability from moisture. Mil-Spec type long range
rifles like these must be able to achieve 1 MOA @ 1000yrds.

Both rear stocks have adjustable pull and cheek... but the
Sako, like its TRGs, has a height adjustment for its recoil
pad. I personally love this feature because I always find
my shoulder higher than where the pad would normally be.

Separate bolt assemblies come with the Sako. I prefer this
over the MRAD's bolt design that requires you to take apart
the bolt carrier group in order to change the bolt face for
each caliber. This takes more time and when you're in the
field during extreme cold wearing heavy gloves or on a windy
day in the desert... it's just not practical. I can see losing
a small bolt pin and now I'm rendered useless.

Both use two large Torx screws to lock the interchangeable
barrels but I believe the Sako adds an extra inch of barrel
extension into the receiver for a longer, stronger fit.

The Sako also incorporates its own nifty angled forend
grip in front of the magazine well, very much like the
Magpul AFG... but with Sako's, it's actually the complete
tool compartment that holds all the Torx keys required
for complete disassembly.

I prefer the grip on the Sako, sturdier, thicker palm swell,
one piece design. The MRAD can utilize any AR-15 grip
and is interchangeable so you are able to find the grip
you like.

Both rifles have rear bottom picatinny rails to accommodate
a precision monopod.

Sako adds what they call a "Hand Hook"... which originally
is mounted on the rear bottom rail. It can be moved to
the fore end for gripping as well. Uniquely useful for tucking
in your weapon.

They both have a nice 60 degree bolt throw providing very
smooth and fast shot repeatability.

Unfortunately, the Sako TRG M10 is not offered to Civilians.
I guess its "high end" design and capabilities will fetch large
contracts first for big profits in the beginning. Only after this
will it might be available to Civilians.

The MRAD is currently shipping for this fall/winter and it's
only available in the .338 Lapua version for $6,000. In order
to utilize the 300WinMag or .308Win versions, you'll need to
buy Barretts Caliber Conversion Kits - includes barrel, bolt
face and magazine... estimated price of about $1,000 each,
or more. :-/

I loves me some M10 though... if I can get my hands on one. ;)

Hope this helped.


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Check out Thompson centers dimension for a good multi cal rifle.

Another interesting one, provided its as nice as my windrunner is the vanquish by nemesis arms.

Got to see a few of the new crop of multi cal psr rifles at shot show this year. There are quite a few out and bidding for the mil contract. Though my personal favorite was the blaser psr, it is the one bolt action to own if you could only have 1 rifle.
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