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I am all about reality and the one thing that I have noticed is that nowhere have I found how many crimes have been committed in NY with ghost guns. When I read a statement such as “ghost guns are the weapon of choice for criminals” I would expect an actual statistic attached such as …in 2020 out of X number of illegal weapons used to commit a crime and Y number were committed with ghost guns.

For example the NYPD keeps these stats and I have yet to see any news stating that any crime was committed with a ghost gun in NYC.

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this info in 2017...

Good read and interesting detailed information, that I believe probably extrapolates nationwide, even into the big city demographics.

Previous research conducted by the Bureau of Justice Statistics tells us that in all criminal victimizations with firearms; only 11% of the victims were shot or shot at. When criminal attacks with all weapons (knives, clubs, etc.) are included, less than 1% of armed criminal victimizations resulted in a gunshot wound.

Here's the reason why the criminals’ weapons won’t fire! Let’s break down the numbers:

Out of 85 weapons seized:
– 24 are not loaded
– 2 are not loaded with the correct ammunition
– 9 are completely broken

Combine those facts and you will see that 41% of the weapons we seize from criminals are completely non-functional!

Now include the four guns that weren’t fully loaded and the 17 with extremely limited function (no magazines, malfunctioned within 1st 3 rounds, etc.) and take a look at the results. In total, 66% of the guns we took from criminals were unable to be fired or could be fired for fewer than three rounds before being empty or experiencing a malfunction!

Criminals and the Guns They Carry

Now interestingly in 2018 the CPD released their information of guns and .... Oh wow NO SURPRISES, no 3D printed guns despite the technology having existed for over 6 years now, plus the 80%(homemade "ghost guns") aren't on the list or Modern Sporting rifles such as the AR15's.

What a false narrative. Face it killers kill and drug and gang violence is to blame in nearly all the gun violence and crimes in the US..
ATF officials, based on data from the agency's National Tracing Center, estimate that approximately 10,000 ghost guns were recovered in the US in 2019, including about 2,700 in California.

The Attorney General's office said in a press release that of the 250 ghost guns recovered by law enforcement in DC since 2017, guns linked to nine homicides all of known gang members.
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