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At what point should I really cut my hair?

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I took the suffolk test last June, got a decent score. Didn't expect anything to come from it so soon but I just got a phone call from home that a letter arrived for me (I am at work away from home until next week). I am scheduled to attend some kind of orientation very soon.

I currently work in the music industry, and I have long hair. I like having long hair, I hate having short hair (did NJROTC in highschool so it was short for years) and I would rather not cut it if it's unnecessary. Does it really make a difference as early in the process as this? Of course if it looks like I have a real shot at getting hired I will have no problem cutting it.
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Congrads on getting the call from Suffolk, As for the hair I would cut it. You can't undo a first impression. Yes you might miss it but your starting a career and pension. A fair trade off I'd say.
You are probably only required to cut it once the academy starts. Keep in mind first impressions count, and ball breaking can be avoided. Don't get me wrong, I had quite the mane myself back in the day, but as they say there are three types of people in any academy. Allstars, assholes, and anonymous. You want to be number three. I had a guy show up to the first day of my FDNY proby class with dyed pink hair (before they told us we had to bic, but common sense, ya know?). He was hammered relentlessly. He did not make it through the academy.  
im in total agreement with the first impression means everything... its not even an opinion, its basic fact, and if you need to think about something like cutting your hair- thats trivial. might as well just stay in the music industry. if you want a career w/ pension, benefits, great pay, then professionalism is key- as of tomorow i would cut the mop, and you should be clean cut, getting into the habit of shaving everyday if you arent already, eat right- and develope a fitness routine if you dont already have one made ( starting with early morning: 50 push ups, 50 sit ups and a mile run ending the day with: 50 push ups, 50 sit ups and a mile run. and increasing at your own pace every week ) if you belong to a gym, even better, tread mill and aerobics room, and jump into your normal routine. drink plenty of water, hydrate and detox. this will condition and ready you for the academy ( which usually consists of 4-6 mile runs daily plus push ups and sit ups and various other exercises and stretches ) i know its going to be a while still, an academy is in the 1st trimester as of right now... and layoffs are in talk lately as well... plus the passing of prerequisites and process of investigation which takes time but good body conditioning and professional habits are a must to get through. ( not even discussing the written / classroom end ) lastly, stay away from any situation that could pull you into "fault of" or "guilty by association of" because you will need to maintain a clean record, and must not give your investigator any reason to doubt your worth the while of hiring.. which means: keep in check your civilian night socials and alcohol consumption, stay clean, association of "gray" subject and red flags, and most importantly develop positive attitude.. expect to be given hell and a back hand, learn how to take it with a grain of salt and a smile.. good luck, its a rewarding career.
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FYI...Rumor has it that the current class in the Academy will be reduced by 30 Recruits.
This is due to the financial status of Suffolk County.
There is also STRONG talk of DE-motions. LT's going down to Sgt, Sgt going down to PO's and Detectives going down to PO's.
Again as of now this is all rumors but seem to be very strong rumors.

I'd do some research before giving up a job to take one with SCPD right now.
Everything is on the table in Suffolk.

I'm NOT saying to pass on this, just be very aware of the economic situation facing Suffolk today. The existing budget is only good until July 1st. After that.....?????

Oh...get a haircut!
Now I'm not a cop but as I understand it Police Academy  is like Military Basic In addition to class work they are heavy into Discipline I know cops that said PD academy reminded them of Marine Boot without the maggot bit, or name calling. Get the Hair cut
koolkat said:
Congrads on getting the call from Suffolk, As for the hair I would cut it. You can't undo a first impression. Yes you might miss it but your starting a career and pension. A fair trade off I'd say.
Not to mention a buck and a half/ year pay check and full carry for life in the sinkhole.
Sit down, think about it, and if this is truely your calling, cut your hair and give it all you have!
Good luck.

Btw Metallica cut their hair, they still make millions lol

Edit: sorry mods, didn't see this was law enforcement thread
Keep the hair, keep the beard, never grow up,   at least that's what my brother in law is doing ... and he's real good at it. Stays home all day wondering why he can't land a job.
The orientation is a room full of people with similar scores. You won't have much if any one on one interaction. They will go over the packet of papers you need to fill out. The amount of work required to fill out the packet is a full time job in itself. It's alot of work, but it helps weed out a lot of people.

I will say that a suit is a MUST. I watched them single out and make an example of a guy who came in jeans and a ball cap. Sucked to be him.

Good luck.
Just Recently I submitted  an old manucript to an agent and they liked what they saw. They asked me to come into NYC to talk I decided to put another best foot forward and went in a suit and tie. It was worth that little bit of effort It never hurts to make a good first impression In my Kof C  Council our immediate Past Grand Knight is a Cop  Protocol requires the Grand Knight to attend the meeting  Suit and tie  I never saw him falter on that
Dude, you just hit the Suffolk lottery by getting called. Get your act together and cut your hair and wear a suit. Take the orientation seriously. It's a sign of respect for the job. Go there looking like a skell and you'll never get the job.
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