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Astigmatism issues with HWS?

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I was diagnosed with astigmatism a few years ago and never noticed any issue except the occasional headache when staring at my computer all day at work.

However, I have been noticing that when I'm looking down my EOTech using my strong side (righty) the reticle is blurred. When I switch to my weak side, the reticle is as crisp as one would expect with an expensive red dot.

Has anyone else who has an astigmatism noticed this or have heard of this? Its quite annoying because I have good enough eyesight that I don't normally need glasses, and the ones I did have were not for anything but prolonged computer usage.
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I have really bad astigmatism which has gotten worse over the years (I'm 49 now).

When I was a technician in a FAA electric shop in the 80s I was getting headaches, went to the eye doctor, and behold - was told I had this. In one eye things were blurry in the vertical plane. In the other - horizontal. Nowadays everything is fuzzy.

A few years back I looked through a pile of reading glasses at a store thinking something might help when looking at finer print. I discovered that no matter the magnification - everything remained blurry. Eye doctor said reading glasses don't work with folks that have astigmatism.

So now I have glasses with progressive lens, a pair for really close up stuff, and a pair for riding my motorcycle.

Bottom line - you're gonna need to see an eye doctor and you may need a special pair for shooting.

I use my prescription motorcycle glasses because they're both for distance and they're ANSI Z87 compliant (safety glasses). However, I do have my issues with iron sights also.

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I just checked my Ins. provider and I'm covered for eye exams and up to $400 for glasses... guess I'll make an appointment, 'cause this sucks!

Thanks for the quick reply.

Just make sure you explain what you want the glasses for. As a standard you get glasses for distance, close up, bifocals, or what they call progressive where the bottom of the lens is for readining and as you go toward the top they're for distance.

If you just want a pair for shooting then explain that. And you may want them in ANSI Z87.

Is this a REAL Eotech, and if so have yo tried rotating the sight 90 degrees relative to your eye? What is the result?
I have a really bad astigmatism as well- the thing is, Eotech's don't have a "crisp" image...Its made up of dots generated from a laser.
Captain Will said:
Is this a REAL Eotech, and if so have yo tried rotating the sight 90 degrees relative to your eye? What is the result?
Yes, I bought it from Hunter Sports after my cheap Bushnell red dot seemed blurry. Its the 512 non NV model. If I shoot lefty its extremely crisp, but i can't stand having brass flying across my face (my RRA always ejects over my right elbow when shooting righty...lefty, its over my right shoulder). I have a full length picatinny rail and the EOtech fits quite snug with almost no play, so adjustments are minimal if any.

I've tried different cheek welds....using both eyes... one eye. Same effect!
I can't say about eotechs, but, what with my astigmatism, point sources of light (eg, traffic signals at night) I get a kind of overlapping double image.  I could see where a holosite may have a similar result.
I've never been diagnosed with an astigmatism but the eotech reticle looks like a giant blur to me without glasses. With glasses or through a magnifier is crisp and clear.
I've been astigmatic since my teens. You have two eyes; don't expect them to be identical in lens shape or evenness, (astigmatism) depth front to back (myopia or hyperopia) or the loss of flexibility in the lens due to age (presbyopia).
Apparently your left eye is more neutral in lens evenness and perhaps in front/back depth.
Glasses properly prescribed - or contacts - will do it. Best go to an opthalmologist (doctor) rather than just an optometrist, just to be sure what you're prescribed is correct for your eyes.
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