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ASAA Chuck Taylor Training

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This past weekend I went up to Wallingford, CT for the 3 day Defensive Handgun course given by Defense Assoc. The course is the Chuck Taylor American Small Arms Academy course. I recommend it. We covered stance, grip, type 1,2 & 3 clearance techniques, speed loads and tactical reloads. there was plenty of shooting at ranges from 3 - 15 yards.

While there was a little too much break time and the food from the Blue Tail Range snack bar wasn't very good, I felt that the instruction was and can't wait to go back up for one of the monthly pistol clinics.

Frank, our instructor really didn't like my Beretta 92FS but did note that I shot it well, "for a Beretta", which he spit out like a dirty word. He prefers guns with a closed slide.

If you can get away for a few days it is well worth the trip.
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