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Arrest for Guitar with shotgun built in to it

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I don't know the laws in Sweden. Sounds like they're not as hysterical as here.
Can you even image the headline for this story is Newsday?

Police found a further six weapons including a sawn off shotgun, a home made sub-machine gun, a Mauser rifle, two revolvers and a walking stick adapted to function as a rifle.

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Got to give the guy an "A" for engineering!
Sounds like he was just a hobbyist... But still, got to pay attention to the law.
I think we should all take a closer look at Haig's guitars!!! LOL

Shhhhhh.............got a patent pending
Thats realy cool, wonder if it would be an AOW?
This guy was probably a Saab or Volvo engineer with way too much time on his hands. This is something that you would expect from Rocker/Gunner Ted Nugent.
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