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It's one of those things that was created perfect from the beginning.
The Armalite AR-30 Tactical Bolt Rifle.

I call it my "No Excuses Gun"... because it simply does just that.
I only need to add on optics and a Harris bipod and it was ready to
show me why I will never give it up - never.

No excuses because whether I feed it pet handloads or match factory
rounds... it's still a sub-MOA shooter.

No excuses because if you're not feeling well or you're feeling like
a million bucks... it's still a sub-MOA shooter.

No excuses because if you're an experience sniper or a first time
shooter... it's still a sub-MOA shooter.

No excuses because whether it's a calm, sunny day or brisk day of
30mph cross winds... it's still a predictable sub-MOA shooter.

Last weekend a couple of my friends with rifles came out to Suffolk
to join me at the Brookhaven Range. They brought a newcomer,
someone that has never shot a gun before. I decided to break their
ballistic virginity to the AR-30 - no 10/22's for this virgin. First shot...
touching bullseye at 100yds. Like I said, no excuses. I should've
laid a bet on that one.

The Armalite AR-30 is one of those guns that either people absolutely
love its looks or totally hate it. It's a very unique, simplistic design
that needs nothing more, nothing less. It's like a freckled, redheaded
Clark Kent with all his hidden Superman powers. He can look funny
and people can easily come to their conclusions, but you'd never know
his ability.

Mine is chambered for a 300 Win Mag, it can reach places fiercely
without anyone ever hearing the shot go off from 1200 yards away
and more. It is also offered in a .308 Win and a .338 Lapua Mag.

The only qualm I had at first was that I would've wished for a more
adjustable stock for my cheek and shoulder, but the solid anodized
aluminum frame & stock provided great comfort to shoot because it
was one of the most solid shooting experiences I've ever used.
Armalite does offer an AR adapter so that you can insert a stock
tube and plug in your favorite AR stock, like a Magpul PRS, etc.

It almost looks like a mini-cannon. Something you expect to see in
front of a tank or on a battleship.

Click Image For Larger View

The 26" Lothar Walther Manganese Phosphate Steel Chome-Moly
Bull Barrel was a decent choice. Perfect 1:10 Twist generated by 6
harmonious grooves to shoot most bullet weights. The Bull Barrel was
lapped 3 times to increase the barrel's accuracy.

Click Image For Larger View

The unique, bulky and super solid octagonal receiver is about 9.5"
in length. A spacey ejection port offers flawless repeating exchanges
between shots. A common M16A2-type pistol grip provides ample grip.

Click Image For Larger View

The optics is an Osprey Worldwide Tactical 10-40X50mm IR
30mm Tube that can reach far, far places. Rings are ultra solid
Weaver Tactical 6 Hole strength, good stability with low profile.

Click Image For Larger View

The famous, or infamous, Armalite Clam Muzzle Brake assembly.
They should've called it a Parachute Brake, because that is essentially
what it does. It literally captures most of the gases and redirects it
in reverse about 40 degrees - not the standard 90 degree right angle
escapes. It even has side rear deflectors to protect the shooter from
the muzzle blast.

It is hands down the most effective muzzle brake on the planet.
The recoil on this rifle is negligible for what you expect in a 300 Win
Mag. You can literally pull the trigger without it being in a bench stand
or being shouldered - it's that effective. Same larger muzzle brake is
used on the Armalite's AR-50 .50BMG

Click Image For Larger View

The billet 15 MOA Steel Picatinny Rail (MIL-STD-1913) comes
pre-installed and ready for optics. The 5-Round magazine works
well and is well built with no plastic or polymer parts.

Click Image For Larger View

The shooter's view. Added a simple leveler for those desert trips.

Click Image For Larger View

It's hard-anodized forend was designed like a competition style
rifle where on bottom there's a centered, full length machined slot
which allows installation of bipods, AFGs, slings, etc. The bull barrel
is fully free floating.

Click Image For Larger View

The AR-30 uses a Schilen Single Stage Trigger. It crisply breaks
at about 4 - 4.5lbs, a short pull, virtually no creep. The design also
encompassed a Remington 700 trigger format, so most 700 trigger
assemblies should drop in fine. Finished 300 Win Mag pet loads
ready for action.

Click Image For Larger View

A simple but very solid hard-anodized aluminum butt stock. In back
sports a very comfortable Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. I've added
a neoprene cheek riser temporarily until I decide on how I want to
change or modify the stock to my liking.

Click Image For Larger View

The ultra strong, USA made Harris Bipod. You can never go wrong.

Click Image For Larger View

The longer you look at it, the more you'll desire it. If you don't
like the way it looks in the beginning, keep looking. It'll not only
grow on you... it'll make you want to shoot it. ;)

Click Image For Larger View

Engineering at it's best. This one piece of genius muzzle works is
the main reason why my fiancé loves shooting this rifle.

Click Image For Larger View

Keep looking... did it grow on you yet? Trust me, shooting this
solid platform is not only addicting, it builds confidence which
allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

Click Image For Larger View

Corbon Match 190gr HPBT factory bullets.

Click Image For Larger View

Pet Handloaded 208gr Hornady AMAX HPBT bullets.

Click Image For Larger View


It's not often when you come across an underdog in the rifle market
to only discover that it's actually a one of life's hidden secrets.

There's not a large market for this type of rifle. Maybe it's due
to the lack of aftermarket options. Maybe it's because of it's
strange unique look. Armalite decided to use the term "AR", but in
reality it's more of a tactical bolt sniper type application.

It's the perfect entry level "big gun" for the misses that wants to own
or shoot a decent sized caliber. But, after shooting it, they might not
want to give it back to you.

If you stripped away my Sako TRG42 .338 Lapua or my .408 CheyTac,
this would be the rifle I pull out of my safe next if I needed to shoot
1000yrds accurately.

So... the next time I'm at the range to shoot my "No Excuses Gun",
don't be at the bench next to me, the muzzle blast is coming your way!


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gh's muzzle brakes are legendary.  

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Droooool. Must. Buy. AR-30. lol
Seriously you should be an advertising or a marketing director because I've never known anything about that rifle but I now lust for it. Love your post GH! Keep em coming!

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I was going to be all over that until I remembered that I'd almost always be shooting with a buddy. Him being next to me and getting hit with the muzzle blast with every shot was going to make me very lonely very quickly.

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Awesome write up, that thing looks pretty sweet.

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Ghost, I swear you have the BEST posts I've seen. Period.
Love the work you do, the writing, the guns, the pictures.
Would would love the workbench too, but it's such a friggin mess! ;)
By the way, thank you for the mini information you gave me from your last great post.
Keep up the great work.
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