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Thanks to our Project Appleseed friends at LIPSA we're going to do another Appleseed Shoot there October 24 & 25, 2015.

This will be the last Appleseed at this location this year so for those interested in attending here's your chance to get on the line and try to earn your RIFLEMAN status.
For those who have already earned one of our patches here's your opportunity to grab another. They come in several colors and earning one of each is an accomplishment.

I'm as usual giving Members of LIF a "Heads Up" first about this Event.

The Registration Site will be opened shortly and if things go as usual this event will "Sell Out" within hours. The last two Shoots at LIPSA sold Out within 8 hours.

There will ONLY be 25 Tickets sold for this Shoot.

Since its being held the end of October I don't think heat will be a factor. That's a great time of the year to hold an outdoor shooting event.

I'd like to add the entire Instructor Crew for this one will consist of Members of LIF.
Thanks to LIPSA for agreeing to host our events we've been able to build our own crew right here on Long Island.

Please consider joining us on the firing line for this shoot.

Once the Registration Site is up I'll post the link in this thread.
May even be tonight.

Stay tuned!!

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Have my winterseed patch, now I can go for my Appleseed patch. But more importantly, I love the learning experience (history & shooting), such a great event. And I'll remember "no happy finger, elbow out, chicken neck", should be good to go.......
You need to attend more events....

Chicken wing!
Turkey neck!

Not chicken neck....
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