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Anyone have Vortex Strikefire?

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Been reading some favorable reviews of this $150 red dot optic on another site. Was wondering if anyone here had used one or reviewed one. It seems like a solid choice for Range Use and just having some fun. Apparently theres a red/green model but the new one is much brighter but is only a red dot. I also see there realeasing a new model this month called the Vortex SPARC. IM very curious to know the difference and whether its worth it to wait or just get the strike fire now. for 150 with shipping it seems like a good deal
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I have never personally used one but there are excellent reviews on ARF, supposedly a lifetime, no questions asked warranty.
Had one for about 3 months it was very reliable.  My only issue wast that the dot was not bright enough.  This is a common complaint of this optic.  I think they may have revised the electronics for a brighter dot.  Check with Vortex about that before buying.  I replaced mine with and Eotech and haven't looked back.  
I ordered the new strikefire which has an enhanced and extra bright red dot. For the money and warranty I had to check it out.
Let us know when you get it, got me interested too.
I just got (another) DMS-1, but probably gonna try out their 1-4 when it arrives.  They have a good rep on arfkom, and a decent name.  They don't claim to be mil-spec take us to the marianas trench and fight robot aliens tough, but they don't charge alot either.
they have a new smaller SPARC model coming out but I just didnt wanna wait. Plus for 150 W a lifetime warranty and free shipping you really cant beat it. and it comes with a mount and a 2x magnifier for that price
was just on ar15.com and these vortex optics have been getting some really good reviews. the SPARC is the smaller one but operates the same as the strike fire. Mine should be here tomorrow. :)
Looks like i am going to be getting a SPARC at some point.
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