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Anybody looking for a cheap spotting scope?

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Can't vouch for the quality, but for the price, I'm just throwing it out there. Might work for a beginner.


UPDATE: Never mind. Posted first, thought later. After looking closer, realized 7x40 won't do much as a spotting scope.

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My guess would be save your money....even medium priced spotting scopes are iffy at best
just to discuss for a newbee...

On the "less expensive side" , usually you need to be near 100bux for 100yds (around 45power), near/around 200bux for 200yds(about 60power) (or higher if your pockets allow), and over that.. well getting well over 500 bux..
funny how that works....

80mm optics seem to be the norm on a decent scope.
Bigger the upfront glass, the more light it gathers for brighter viewing.

The above thing is only 7 power with only a 40mm optic upfront.
might be good for bird watching in a backyard...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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