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Any carry permits issued yet?

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Has Suffolk issued any carry permits yet?
I know a course is required.
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Today it's 4 yards, once a precedence has been set for marksmanship. your next renewal will be 100 yards with a Ruger LCP. Don't be so trusting, I applaud your new credential, nice work. I plan to get my training as well, not because I have to but rather because I want to.
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CCW issued 1/9/23….. only have to fill out a form of social media accounts who lives with you in and out in 10 minutes… Of course no place to carry because they provide you the list of sensitive places and tell you that there’s no place to carry
Captrn000 can you post your timeline including the date you submitted your 16/2 course and which licensing office issued it?
I submitted my certificate on 11/23 and so far no phone call. Guess it's a waiting game.
11/17 for me, and my buddy 11/8 , no call yet. There is no reason for this, we cleared when we got our sportsman. I also do not believe all was lost during the "Suffolk hacking". All modern database systems are routinely backed up for security purposes. We go to PA centry county and you walk out in 15 minutes with a full security check and your license in hand.
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I hope so.. such much BS to worksround a tarranical law.
There was a dude who posted in another thread today reporting he was told at Yapank the wait time now is 4 months as the volume has increased.
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you guys are being played….Third world countries don’t even take this long

an acquaintance of mine, got his Costa Rica CCW quicker and he is not even a Costa Rican citizen
Yes, we are being taken for a ride, with no respect for the constitution. We have people who have died for our constitution only to have it trampled on with no urgency in sight. There are Zero reasons for this, as we have already cleared under the old sportsmen coupled with the new training standard. It should be a simple edit on the spot as we turn in the embossed training certificate and out the door we go,
When the time finally comes how do they contact you, cell phone, email , letter in the mail? Do they schedule like an interview or do they say just come in and get it. Just curious.
I asked to be contacted by email, I was told email data has been lost and the only method of contact is via the phone number provided on the amendment application.
Same for Suffolk? (Yaphank)
I was told by Yaphank they are leaving messages.
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I dropped in at Yaphank to see what’s up. I first confirmed that they have all necessary paperwork since my first submission was lost. I’m currently at 8 weeks and counting. Was told they are still working on November and I should get the call soon. All I can say at this point is I really can’t wait to leave this state.
Submission lost? How did you discover that?
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I waited a while and eventually i checked in for a status and was told we have no record of you dropping off your certificate. I even had a receipt. So another 5 bucks later and another certificate dropped off here I wait.
They should have looked at that the date of your receipt and put you in queue according to that date. Getting put to the back of the line was uncalled for, for their mistake. That is really frustrating to read.

This is 100% speculation, but I am wondering if things are on hold waiting for the results of the March 20th Second Circuit outcome.
For what it’s worth I dropped mine off on 11-1 got the call last week and just got it yesterday. The wait time is growing by the day.
Good Post, gives all a point of reference. Thank you. Joe456, I was wondering if the Carry License says not valid in New York City.
Picked mine upon from NCPD yesterday. 10 weeks. Still says not valid in NYC on the back...

Right I saw your post above, but I am wondering if Suffolk is different than Nassau. It's clear to me Nassau is making up their own stuff with no reference to the law.
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yes it's different scpd is much easier then ncpd
Right, but is SCPD putting the statement, Not Valid In NYC? I am not understanding how NYC can impose that on the rest of the state under the 14 amendment which was made clear under Bruen.
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Friday will be 10 weeks. Guy at the gym is 2 weeks ahead of me. Crickets. I guess the best thing to do is buy something. It will give me a reason to stop in and ask WTH.
My buddy picked up today and dropped off the certificate on November 7th. So 13 weeks for early November Drop-offs. On a positive note, a February/March expiration date in 3 years gives you some time to renew after the Holidays. lastly, until March 20th when the second circuit rules on the unconstitutionality of CCIA there is no place to carry anyway. You should be good to go right on time. Hang in there.
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Friday will be 10 weeks. Guy at the gym is 2 weeks ahead of me. Crickets. I guess the best thing to do is buy something. It will give me a reason to stop in and ask WTH.
I wouldn't buy anything until the 10-round limit is lifted. Who needs to pay good money for soon-to-be obsolete magazines? Unless of course, you have nothing and need something to get you by. Wrong thread but I wonder how close we are to stopping the magazine limit. Making a purchase will not speed things up, your in-queue according to the date you dropped off your certificate.
Ok, got an update! A phone call came in today (Saturday (10:15 A.M.) from SCPD. Got my appointment on the 23rd at 6 P.M. I tried to get an early date and was told they are booked solid and the 23rd was the earliest date to get me in. Was also told they working hard to process as much as possible and have expanded work hours for interviews only. So my drop-off certificate was on November 17th with a 14-week waiting period.
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Although I am not in Nassau, I did take a look at the definition of a carry license defined in the Nassau handbook.

It's interesting their first statement reads:

4. Concealed Carry License:

a. Authorizes the licensee to carry a firearm at all times in New York State, except in all five boroughs of the City of New York, for the purpose of self-protection.

Later on, it says:

NOTE: You will be required to sign for a copy of ‘Sensitive/Restrictive Locations’, as determined by the governor of New York State, which prohibits you from carrying your firearm(s) in specific locations. You must also be familiar with New York State Penal Law 265.01-e, a class E Felony, if you are caught in any one of certain areas which have been deemed ‘Sensitive/Restrictive Locations’. You will also be required, as mandated by the Governor of NYS, to sign for a copy of a WARNING describing your responsibility for the ‘safe storage of firearms’.

Putting both statements together, are they differentiating the inside of your car and sensitive restrictive locations as two different entities/locations?

Any legal feedback would be appreciated.
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Just to add to the confusion….. the CCIA authorizes individuals to leave their unloaded handgun in the car in a safe that is secured to the vehicle. However, Nassau Pistol licensing specifically prohibits licensees from leaving weapons in the car.

Yes, and in spite of the restricted locations, Nassau still validates stopping for refreshments with only one limitation of alcohol.

: Licensees are authorized to stop only for fuel, nonalcoholic refreshments and/or a meal on the way to and from their lawful target shooting location or hunting area. Licensees are authorized to do this only during the period between leaving their residence and arriving at the lawful shooting/hunting destination or during the return trip. A licensee is not authorized to take his or her firearm to any establishment used primarily for alcohol consumption. A licensee is not authorized to conduct any other non-target shooting or hunting activity while in possession of his or her firearm. In the event a licensee does break for fuel, a refreshment or a meal, he or she is responsible for the concealment and safeguarding of the firearm.

Suffolk took this out of their handbook for their Dwelling license.

Am I correct in thinking you can stop for gas, etc. But only if the property has a firearms welcome sign. It's very different from the old sportsman. By the way, today is 3 months since I handed in my certificate. I started that course week before Thanksgiving. Frustrating.

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It coming soon, just picked up my carry yesterday. As mentioned my drop-off was 11/17. Note, the expiration date is not the date you pick up your new carry but 3 years from the date of your original sportsman-issued license. For me, that's an additional 5 months added to the 3 years.
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Dropped off my 18 hour certificate along with the $5 check in Yaphank this week.
Was told that it could take up to 6 months until they call me to come back in for the CCW upgrade.
Heard from other people that they are saying 4 to 6 months now.
This should be a warning light to all who are dragging their feet on this course. I believe Gary is right about this, CCIA 16/2 course will be found unconstitutional. God only knows how long that ruling will take to manifest in the courts. In the meantime, drag your feet another couple of months and the weight time will be over 2 years.

As a side note, no one here has posted of any Nassau carry permits. If you are from Nassau can you update the thread?
Has anyone with a CC permit out on the island also filed for one with NYPD? It’s interesting that it’s a state permit but it’s not valid inside the 5 boroughs.

First, there is no way that restriction will hold up under Bruen should an arrest is made. With that said, I am looking to make an NYPD upgrade if there is one to be had. Not sure what the pathway is, good question.
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