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Any carry permits issued yet?

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Has Suffolk issued any carry permits yet?
I know a course is required.
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Just the check. Social media is when they call you in 3-5 months to come get your carry license.
What if your social media accounts are private?
All mine is. (Facebook & Instagram)
Just drop off my CC diploma at SCPD and he said 5-6 months.
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I submitted certificate on 12/2/22. Received a call on 3/4/23. I have interview on 3/27.
Is it an actual interview?
If so, what’s going to happen at the interview?
Your going to go in, they ask you to sign a piece of paper saying you agree with the firearm storage and the sensitive/restricted bullcrap. You turn in your existing permit and they print you a new one. Pretty painless.
Okay, got it. So it’s not really an interview, just pick up your new license and sign some paperwork. Do they still ask for your SoMe accounts?
On another note... I just got my non resident Concealed Weapon or Firearm license of Florida.
I applied less than a month ago :oops: Never lived or had a license in Florida before so am new in the system.
Less than a month. It's crazy.
In Suffolk it took me 2 years to get my sportsman license and I've so far waited 2 month for my carry license (they said 5-6 month).
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And today I got my non resident Utah Concealed Firearm Permit
It took 2 month from I sent in the application to license in hand. Never lived, been or had a license in Utah before, so am new in the system.
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