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And one from Seattle

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According to King County Sheriff's investigators, a fight broke out between two men around 8:30 p.m. Saturday, possibly over a drug deal, in the U.S. Bank parking lot in the Skyway neighborhood.

Both men drew guns, said investigators, and one man was shot and injured.

Fletcher said he and his friend watched the fight escalate into gunfire.

While his friend hid in the car, Fletcher, a former security guard, hid near the ATM. He said he noticed the man running towards them, so he pulled out his own legally concealed firearm.

"I told him to drop his weapon, he dropped his weapon," said Fletcher. "I told him to get on the ground, he got on the ground."

Fletcher said minutes later he remembered he was carrying his father's old handcuffs, and used them to detain the shooting suspect.

"When we got here, the shooter was searched, in handcuffs and sitting down on the curb," said Sergeant John Urquhart that night.

Fletcher said he just reacted to the situation, and doesn't really recommend most others do what he did, though he said "to ex-police or ex-army, or somebody who's got sufficient training and who's willing to take on that kind of risk for their loved ones or their community and has the capacity to do it, absolutely."
Upstanding citizen, acted well within all of his legal rights to the point where he even made a citizens arrest.

Here in NY, you would be charged just for possessing handcuffs, and heaven-forbid you ever use them you would be charged with unlawful detention.

Well cheers to him. And with this story I am done for the day, I swear.
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