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Hack Brief: The Android Text AttackA SERIOUS FLAW in Android operating systems uncovered by a researchers at Zimperium zLabs could be the worst ever reported for Android devices. Though Google was alerted of the problem in April and has created a patch to fix it, lead researcher Joshua Drake told Forbes that he believes phone manufacturers and carriers have not all rolled the fix out yet, so you may be at risk.
The What:

All a hacker would have to do to gain access to your device is send you a text message containing a malware-infected media attachment. The worst part? You don't even have to open the text or view the media in some cases. Drake noted that the remote MMS attack makes use of six critical vulnerabilities in Android operating systems 2.2 or later. Depending on the chat client you use, you may not even see the text message before it infects you-for instance, if you use Hangouts, the app will decipher the code before you ever get a notification of the text.

The Who:

Drake estimates that 950 million people use Android devices that could be at risk.

How Serious:

The researchers who found the flaws told NPR that they do not believe it is yet in use in the wild. Still, it is potentially the largest flaw ever uncovered in Android. The good news is that Google has a fix. The bad news is that Google can't send it to most directly-it needs manufacturers and carriers to push the patch out to you. As of writing, it is unclear which devices are still at risk.

"All devices should be assumed to be vulnerable," Drake told Forbes.

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