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AKs used in bank robbery

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This will not end well. She will be popular in prison though.

'Rack' and ruin: Stripper goes on 'crime spree' with brothers

With AP

Last Updated: 3:20 AM, August 9, 2011

Posted: 1:18 AM, August 9, 2011

More Print A thrill-seeking Florida stripper and her AK-47-toting siblings on a multistate crime spree yesterday ignored their heartsick mother's plea to give themselves up, authorities said.

The mom's appeal came as the FBI launched a nationwide manhunt for alleged "Dougherty Gang" bank robbers Lee Grace Dougherty, a 26-year-old exotic dancer; her brother Ryan Dougherty, 21; and their half-brother, Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26.

"The only safe thing, the only right thing, the only good thing to do is turn yourselves in," Barbara Bell begged her kids.

"Only Mom knows what good people you are inside," she said.

"Please prove me right . . .You've made some bad mistakes, but so far, no one has been physically harmed.

"I love you," she added.

The rampaging siblings have been on the lam since last Tuesday, when they allegedly opened fire on a Zephyrhills, Fla., cop who had been trying to chase down their white Subaru for speeding.

The cop wasn't hurt, but one of the 20 bullets they unleashed on him flattened one of his tires and effectively ended the chase.

Later that day, the Doughertys turned up about 200 miles away at a Georgia bank.

All three, masked and armed with AK-47s, shot up the bank ceiling before making off with an undisclosed amount of money, police said.

The siblings' faces are now plastered on billboards across the Southeast.

Lee Grace -- who works as a stripper at Cheaters in Cocoa Beach -- had also been wanted by police for a probation violation.

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/vixen_faces_rack_ruin_q5hnBQ1AlZJrIImUY4CHCP#ixzz1UX2b3aIq
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Cute girl, they will just love her in the big house.
for the record i was home all day and had nothing to do with any robberies or other crimes committed with an ak style rifle.  to the best of my knowledge there are only 62 ak rifles in the world not currently in my possession and i cannot be held responsible for their use.   ;)
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