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Ak extractor Issues

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After taking the AK to the range i had extracting and feeding problems. Feeding problems led to a old worn out magazine i had laying around and wanted to try. Now the extracting problems was a whole other animal. After bring the rifle home and dissembling it I noticed the extractor was "sloppy". It was loose and moving side to side and wasn't flush. As you can see in the pictures i took it completely apart and if you look at the second picture you will see the bent old pin next to a new one. The old pin is half the size and was floating inside the bolt, im assuming the pin was bent to stay in place by the previous owner. The new replacement pin went in nice and tight had to put it in the vise and use a punch to tap it in slowly lining up the notch out for the firing pin retain pin. Now that's it in, it lines up great and cant wait to test it out.  (Is this considered DIY?  ;) )
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It appears it may be too clean. Have you tried building a sand castle on top of your AK, then firing it?
first the section now my signature.  jerry i'm in tears here.   ;)
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