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Aimpoint warantee still valid if bought from eBay?

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I'm looking to buy a Aimpoint Micro H-1. I found a good deal on eBay for a brand new one from an actual dealer. Does Aimpoint warantee there products if there purchased from eBay? Also if you know of any sites that are reasonable please let me know thanks!

This is the link if anyone wants to take a look to help me out

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Look HARD at the vendor and realize that there are many fakes out there. I've never heard of point of sale being relevent to Aimpoint honoring a warranty on something that is truly their product. Ebay is a nest of fakes. I'd avoid it like the plague.

And your link goes to a dead end. "Listing has been removed."

And if you google "How do I spot a fake Aimpoint?" you'll come up with some nice resources.
Your link didnt work....Ive been buying my last few things from amazon.com, found they have good prices compared to others.
I dont know what aimpoints usually go for, but take a look..

I fixed the link give it a shot now and let me know thanks
There are a lot of company's that do not honor any warranties when purchased on ebay or any other auction site Even if the seller is a legit dealer.
Garmin is one of them. The dealer would have to send you an actual receipt from their business. All the Garmin adds that claim a warranty on ebay are false.

Make sure you read the entire warranty from the manufacturer
... as for trusting the seller you should take a look at the rating/comments. in the last 12 months he has 6000 positive and 10 negative.
here are the 10


IMO i would trust it, I have ordered from ebay before.
It's all about feedback, look for people who naught similar items.. To these sellers feedback is everything and if they sell fakes the feedback will reflect it
Hmmm location Midwest, USA that sounds suspect.
I ended up buy the H1 from LaRue today. They already shipped it and imma get a bunch of goodies as well. I could use another Dillo bottle opener....my old one is worn out
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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