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Ft Collins, CO --(Ammoland.com)- A friend on active duty, sent me this today:

It is an "advisory" e-mailed to active-duty, USMC troopers:
"If they are not shooting, do what they say and do not move
Only you can draw the line on what you will do, or not do, to preserve your life and the lives of others
If shooting starts, you need to make you own choice, stay still and hope they don't shoot, or run for an exit in a zigzag
This is not a recommendation to fight, but a choice to fight when there are no other options"
What dishonorable, sickening, intelligence-insulting drivel!
Marines are told it is okay to "fight," but only after terrorists start shooting, and even then, they may not fight effectively. Only terrorists get to be armed!
And, Marines are instructed to cooperatively do anything terrorists demand, until the moment they start shooting. However, when you wait until they "start shooting," you've obviously waited too long!
But, it is okay to "hope" they don't murder you as you cower in a corner!​
My friend adds:

"I'm disgusted with what passes as 'leadership' in our military today. From the foregoing, you can see that we are under the charge of a cowardly group of 'uniformed politicians,' who may qualify as 'managers,' but are definitely not leaders!
We have no respect for them, personally nor professionally!"​
My comment:

Nor should you!
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