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I recently order a stripped DPMS A2 upper and I'm looking for an A2 sight assembly. Have read that the A2 sight from a detachable carry handle (6/3) will fit and function in an A2 receiver but the elevation adjustments indications will not be accurate, obviously, but it will install and be a functioning iron sight. I'm basically looking to save some money and if I can just throw a sight assembly from a detachable rear sight I'd do that instead of ordering the sight assembly itself.
Has anyone here had any experience doing this or have any advice?
Additionally, if anyone has either an A2 sight or a detachable carry handle they'd like to part with, PM me.

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Get the correct A2 kit. Ordered my A2 receiver and parts kit direct from DPMS (Defense Procurement Manufacturing Services) and they where actually the best priced. MidwayUSA has an excellent A2 upper assembly video on their YouTube channel. Just do it right.
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